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Feedback October 2016

I would like to extend my congratulation all winners of the 3rd Newbiz Conclave and Awards 2016. . . . Read more »

Feedback March 2016

March 2016   
It was very good news that the domestic pharma industry has managed to remain in good health despite the major earthquake and India’s unofficial blockade (cover story ‘The Health of Nepali Pharma Industry’, NBA, Feb 2016). Not only that they also showed prompt initiatives to the people in need through different CSR activities and ensuring smooth supply at fixed prices. . . . Read more »

Feedback February 2016

The article by Basant Kumar Chaudhary ‘Eliminating Wastes to Prosper via Kaizen’, (NBA, Jan 2016) was a top read. The idea generated from the book, ‘Kaizen: the Key to Japan’s Competitive Success’ by Masaaki Imai was interpreted in a very practical way by the . . . Read more »

Feedback Decemer 2015

The cover story Self-reliant Economy: Myth Vs Reality (NBA Nov 2015) was a timely read. Lately or early the issue ‘self-reliant economy’ was needed to be raised but I had not thought it would come like this. It seems to be almost impossible to be self-reliant but we can create an opportunity from it so that other countries can also be dependent on . . . Read more »

Feedback September 2015

The cover story (NBA August 2015) Economy In New Constitution covered a relevant topic. The new constitution should work to strengthen the economic future of Nepal. There are lots of conflicts in the draft of the constitution whether it is for a federal state or for the . . . Read more »


I like the cover story,Construction Industry Now (New Business Age, July 2015) by Akhilesh Tripathi. The article provided a lot of information on different aspects of the construction industry. The interviews in the piece were informative. . . . Read more »

Feedback July 2015

July 2015   
I found the cover story, Rising from the Rubble (New Business Age, June 2015), informative as it covered different aspects of the destruction caused by the earthquake of April 25. The interviews were really enlightening. It is good news that most of the beautiful and historic tourist destinations outside the Kathmandu Valley are safe. It will take time to recover from this. Time will heal the pain of grief. We should stay optimistic and rebuild . . . Read more »

feedback June 2015

June 2015   
The April 25 earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks have done massive destruction to private homes, commercial buildings and the country’s physical infrastructure. Now it’s time to rebuild them. For the reconstruction, cement is important and essential. . . . Read more »

Feedback May 2015

May 2015   
Nepal is becoming a major market for automobile brands. Almost all auto brands are present here and it feels nice to know that new entrants are finding Nepal as a potential market to sell their passenger vehicles. In this regard, the story titled 'Driven by Demand' was very . . . Read more »

Feedback April 2015

April 2015   
Your cover story, The High-End View (New Business Age, March 2015) was a good attempt at giving a good picture of the current television market and trends in the . . . Read more »

Feedback March 2015

March 2015   
Read the cover story on international airlines operating in Nepal (New Business Age, February 2015 issue). It is good that the Nepal Airlines Corporation has got a brand new aircraft from Airbus and will acquire another aircraft from the same company in April. . . . Read more »

Feedback February 2015

The product review of iPhone 6 printed in the January issue of New Business Age is well-written and provides comprehensive information about the device. The article fully details the features of the latest iPhone, with just the right amount of technical jargon to provide a solid performance review . . . Read more »

Feedback January 2015

The cover story of New Business Age's December, 2014 issue titled 'The Himalayan Power Revolution in the Making' raises hope for the Nepalis who are daily facing long hours of electricity-cut or the 'loadshedding.' Nepal's hydropower sector has long been . . . Read more »

Feedback December 2014

New Business Age’s November issue cover story has given a whole picture of the Nepali start-ups. The status of start-up businesses and their growing presence in the national business environment indicates the increasing interest of people . . . Read more »

Feedback November 2014

Several schools of thoughts and debates are ongoing in Nepal about exploring the foundations of Nepali economic growth. One of such attempts was the second conclave organised by New Business Age Pvt Ltd. . . . Read more »

Feedback October 2014

The cover story of New Business Age’s September issue extensively explores the prospects of Nepal on being a land-linked country. Nepal is being touted as a golden land bridge between China and India - two growing economic giants on its north and south . . . Read more »