From the Editor

Those Incredible Years

When the May edition of New Business Age hits newsstands, it will have completed its 21st year of operation - four years short of Silver Jubilee. The journey that we have made in these years is incredible in many ways. . . . Read more »

No Laughing Matter

Lies, Damn Lies and Government Statistics

It is said that there was once a famous statistician in India. When he was asked to analyse something, he would ask in return, “Kaisa analysis chahiye, ruling wala ki opposition wala (what kind of . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

Slower Yet Gradual Growth Expected for Nepal Amid Global Challenges

Nepal’s economy, led by recovery of the services sector amid high COVID vaccination rates, is expected to grow by 3.7% in the current fiscal year and 4.1% in . . . Read more »


NewBiz : Crusader of Free Market Economy

This arduous journey that Madan Lamsal and his team undertook two decades ago has opened many windows for business journalism in Nepal. But the success didn't come so easily. Lamsal and his team . . . Read more »

ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: From New Business Age Archive

Forget the Government [FIRST EDITORIAL]

Blaming the government for anything that goes wrong seems to be the usual pastime as well as the business of the private sector. After a short lull of several months, the carpetwallahs have once . . . Read more »

ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: From New Business Age Archive

Private Sector Development, Wage Increase & Power Shortage

Macro-economic stability and business friendly environment are essential elements for the development of the private sector. Nepal's macroeconomic indicators are . . . Read more »

ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: From New Business Age Archive

Secrets of Prosperity

Recently when I entered the Pilgrim's bookshop, the store-manager was waiting for eye contact. As soon as I was through putting my bag at the gate, he approached me with a smile and greeted me with . . . Read more »

ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: From New Business Age Archive

Republic at Last : Nepal Made History

When the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal late in the evening of May 28 formally adopted the motion to declare Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic, it marked the end of an era from . . . Read more »

ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: From New Business Age Archive

Strategy for FDI Mobilization Into Nepal

The buzz word these days is “double digit growth”. This is more abuzz now than ever before simply because the Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai underscored it as being . . . Read more »

ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: From New Business Age Archive

CSR in South Asia

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an agenda as old as enterprise itself. But globalization now appears to be encouraging a market driven cycle of CSR pressures that stimulate voluntary, . . . Read more »

ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: From New Business Age Archive

Aarthik Abhiyan Goes Daily

Aarthik Abhiyan, Nepal's pioneer business-political weekly, has become a national business daily. Finance Minister Surendra Pandey launched the Aarthik Abhiyan daily in the capital on September . . . Read more »


New Business Age in Action

Since its inception in 2001, New Business Age has been instrumental in doing innovative and creative works to create a conducive atmosphere to discuss the economy of . . . Read more »


The Journey of 21 Years That I Witnessed

In Nepal, in the nineties, when I had just returned from India after completing my studies and was starting to work, one of the biggest misses used to be reading newspapers and . . . Read more »


My Professional Journey in Marketing and New Business Age

During my student days when I was pursuing my MBA at Kathmandu University, I was interested to know about Nepali business and business scenarios. Information about the global context was readily available, but there was nothing about the domestic business . . . Read more »


Team Work is Important for Business

Ram Lal Shrestha is the Founding Chairperson of the ICTC Group. Coming from a bureaucratic family, he joined the government service but soon resigned and built his business . . . Read more »

Information Technology

Ridesharing to the Rescue!

If you are a woman in Kathmandu, getting from point A to point B involves a series of negotiations. First is figuring out how to get there. A taxi? There is no guarantee of a metered . . . Read more »


Paradigm Shift in Development of Women Entrepreneurship

In 1977, Ambica Shrestha, the chairperson of Dwarika’s Hotels & Resort, helped her husband to start a hotel. Starting from a room, the couple gradually expanded it to a 10-room . . . Read more »


Tech Evolution Over Past Two Decades

Technology has evolved exponentially over the past two decades. All the incredible tech innovations have made it hard to recall life 20 years ago. Today, it is difficult to imagine our lives without . . . Read more »


NEPAL TELECOM : Can Leapfrogging be Sustained?

Development experts say the important pillars needed for accelerated socio-economic development of a country are visionary political leadership, good governance, cultural change in the society, . . . Read more »


A Retrospective and Prospective View of Nepal's Foreign Trade

By the time of the Sixth Five-Year Plan, Nepal had become a net importer of agricultural products. Nepal's foreign trade deficit reached Rs 13. 40 trillion in Fiscal Year . . . Read more »


Nepal's Progress in Human Development

The Human Development Index is a tool developed by the United Nations to assess various countries' basic human development achievements. It measures a country's levels of social and economic . . . Read more »


Leveraging Technology in Securities Market

Those countries which have made adequate investments in information technology to ensure their citizens’ access to modern technology and information have reaped the benefit of development and . . . Read more »


How Shopping Culture Changed Over Time

In a household, we need many essentials, from food and clothes to nails and pliers. When we think about shopping for those essentials, we picture it as all the things we need in various bags, holding . . . Read more »


Nepali Book Sales Hit Hard by Pandemic

"It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover," said a reader with visible satisfaction on her face when asked about her recent favourite . . . Read more »


NEPAL'S AVIATION INDUSTRY : Three Decades of Private Participation

A 23-minute flight flown across Tampa Bay from St Petersburg (Florida, USA) on January 1, 1914, was supposed to be the first commercial flight. The Mayor of St Petersburg was the single passenger on . . . Read more »


INSURANCE SECTOR : An Industry Overview

Nepal's commercial insurance has a history of 75 years while the social security system started 25 years ago. Social insurance has a history of less than a . . . Read more »


The Changing Landscape of Advertising Industry

The advertising market in Nepal is not very encouraging at present. We can see some growth, but it is not benefiting us much because the growth is mostly in digital marketing on social media . . . Read more »


History of Hydropower Financing in Nepal

Nepal’s development history, particularly hydropower, is long. Nepal developed its first hydropower project more than a century ago compared to other development . . . Read more »


Agroecology for a Resilient Food and Farming System

The United Nations says there are currently 820 million people hungry, while around the same number are either obese or overweight. So, right now, we live in a world where both hunger and obesity are . . . Read more »


Political System and Leadership Behind US Economic Growth

The GDP of the United States is estimated to be around USD 25 trillion. It is seven times the size of India and Russia, and five times higher than that of . . . Read more »


Abundance of Brands, But a Lack of Management

Such a (fan) following towards a brand is linked to brand love in the consumer behavior literature by many academic scholars. The early stages of getting acquainted with the brand elicit positive . . . Read more »

Corporate Focus

LUCKY GROUP : Taking the Four-Decade-Long Legacy Forward

In its history of more than four decades, the Lucky Group achieved a major milestone in 2017 when one of its member companies brought a foreign direct investment of Rs 36 billion, becoming the first . . . Read more »


Growing Borrowing Power

The government has been relying on foreign assistance as one of the major sources of financing for its annual budget. Foreign assistance continues to play an important role in Nepal's economic and . . . Read more »


Tourism in the Past Two Decades

The year 1998 is considered as the cornerstone of Nepal's tourism. This heralded the first-ever tourism promotional campaign, Visit Nepal . . . Read more »


Jawalakhel Group’s Maggie Shah Honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award

Maggie Shah, Director of Jawalakhel Group of Industries (JGI) has been honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award during the NewBiz Business Women Summit and Awards 2022 held on April 22, 2022, at . . . Read more »


Standard Chartered’s Hsu Highlights Women’s Role in Driving Commerce and Prosperity in Nepal

Judy Hsu, CEO, Standard Chartered—Consumer, Private and Business Banking (CPBB), has said that women have a central role to play in driving commerce and prosperity in . . . Read more »


Panelists Call for Support to Women Entrepreneurs Hit by Covid-19

Business leaders have urged the government to provide support to women entrepreneurs affected by Covid-19. In a panel discussion moderated . . . Read more »

Visiting Business People

Demand for Quality Bathroom Accessories has Grown Immensely

K E Ranganathan, the Managing Director of Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd, was in Nepal recently on a business trip. During the visit, Ranganathan inaugurated eight brand showrooms in . . . Read more »


Converted: The Data-Driven Way to Win Customers’ Hearts

Companies are constantly on the lookout for data-driven strategies to communicate with their consumers. In his book, Neil Hoyne, Google's Chief Measurement Strategist, demonstrates practical . . . Read more »


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