feedback June 2015

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Cement Industry Has Bright Future
The April 25 earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks have done massive destruction to private homes, commercial buildings and the country’s physical infrastructure. Now it’s time to rebuild them. For the reconstruction, cement is important and essential. Last issue’s cover story ‘Growing & Growing’ managed to show the cement industry in a positive light. It gives us a sense of relief to know that somehow in this time of rebuilding the nation, our own domestic output will be sufficient. Also, if we can bring in foreign investment, then the quality of the cement will only grow. The industry also provides much needed employment overall too. All in all, the cover story showed optimism and hope in this time of transition.
- Anand Thapa, Bishalnagar, Kathmandu
Parties Should Be Ready to Build Nepal
The article titled ‘Oli’s Climb, Prachanda’s Fall’ by Akhilesh Tripathi was satirically a hit and to the point. As always, Nepal’s political parties are not the least bit concerned about public opinion. The general public is fed up with all the bandhas they call for. They always create issues to debate on rather than solving matters in a constructive way to create the new constitution. Even this time too we may not get what we want. The April 25 earthquake is a wakeup call.  We expect the government, all political parties to now push aside their petty quarrels and work in tandem to help rebuild the country.
- Binita Shrestha, Kalopul, Kathmandu   
IT Security a Must in Today’s World
Being a user of smart phones, I too download lots of apps but have never seriously thought about security. The article ‘A Brief on IT Security’ was most readable. Also the tips and ideas shown were useful. Security today is a must, as internet theft and hacking may cause distress to many internet users. Also, an increasing number of smart phone users are downloading and using more apps and they should be alert while doing so. I used to just ignore IT security but the article really opened my eyes about the need for proper security.
- Chakra Singh Thakuri, Birgunj
CSR an Integral Part of any Company
The interview with Prof Juan Miguel M. Luz titled ‘Business and Development are essentially Interrelated’ (New Buiness Age, May 2015) had useful information for both students and teachers of business studies. It helps to understand that development and business should be blended together for overall economic development. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important factor that uplifts society and the economic sector jointly. The findings of the Asian Institute of Management on development works, CSR activities and policy reforms were informative. It was also interesting to know that the institute deals with development management studies and focuses on the proper utilization of funds. It was great learning from his research and experience.
- Diya Dangol

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