Feedback October 2014

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Land Linked Nepal
The cover story of New Business Age’s September issue extensively explores the prospects of Nepal on being a land-linked country. Nepal is being touted as a golden land bridge between China and India - two growing economic giants on its north and south borders. However, becoming a geographical bridge and an economic and trade bridge between these two rising economies is a different thing. Nepal is not the only linkage between these two countries as they share common borders. Nepal becoming the trade route for these countries is basically in the interest of Nepal than theirs, as their common borders possess the possibility to develop a separate trade route.
 Therefore, it is the matter of economic diplomacy and Nepal’s capacity to negotiate to make Nepal making as the passage and trade hub between two countries along with developing its infrastructure. It rests upon the shoulders of policy makers and diplomats on how much they can negotiate for the national benefits. India and China have publicly spoken on their partnership, and the economic relationship between these Asian giants can be expected to strengthen in the future. And, Nepal, strategically lying between them, should be able to harness benefits from this relationship. It is not impossible to develop Nepal as a trade route between these countries considering the fact that the sea route is relatively longer than transporting cargo via Nepal. 
Though we do not have seaport, we do have sea of market by being a bridge in connecting these countries with world’s largest population. We are linked to them via land and Nepal has to prove the saying that the country is not cursed being landlocked but is blessed to be land linked with the world’s fastest growing economic powerhouses.
- Prashant Mainali, Sukedhara, Kathmandu
Biased Reporting
SASTHM (Biratnagar) is a hotel management school. This is in reference to the different category of colleges New Business Age awarded in August.  However, we were absolutely not aware of these kinds of ranking nor were we approached personally regarding this sort of evaluation. However, announcing winners by reputed media like you without prior assessment of other institutions that applied for the award is a bias reporting and such a practice tends to degrade the image of other institutions during the admission time. And, it ultimately renders a bad image for a prestigious magazine like yours. I hope my suggestions will be taken seriously and incidents like these will be corrected in the future.
- Roshan Thapa, MD SASTHM, Biratnagar
(We had advertised about it repeatedly asking for details from different types of business schools including hotel management colleges. The advertisements appeared in this magazine as well as in Aarthik Abhiyan Daily and other dailies such as Nepal Samacharpatra and websites like and The awards jury, comprised of independent professionals made the final selection based on such information as well as other information available on public domain. -Editor)
Making a Strong Presence in Nepal
Reading the Corporate Focus story in the September 2014 issues of New Business Age, it felt good to know that Kansai Nerolac Paints has been able to establish a strong presence in Nepal, despite being an international joint venture. Paints are normally considered harmful to health and emit strong unpleasant smell. It is praiseworthy that Nerolac Paints has come up with more eco-friendly products, provided that it is not just a marketing gimmick. As a customer, I have been using Nerolac Paints for a very long time and the paint has proved to be durable. It also offers many luxurious choices of paints at very affordable prices. 
- Prativa Khanal, Kadaghari, Bhaktapur
Modification in Housing Industry
The story about housing industry (Housing Industry: Growing and More to Grow) in the September issue of New Business Age was an interesting read. It was interesting to know that the housing sector has started to modify to address the demands and suggestions provided by its existing and potential customers. It’s good that the new concept is being implemented in the projects but there are lots of other things that the housing systems need to care about. Current housing projects are quite congested and unorganized. New housing needs to be organised and systematic. Only profit-oriented business cannot solve this problem. I hope the new projects and modifications in the sector will address this issue.
- Aaron Adhikari, Via email
Successful Entrepreneur
Bhatbhateni Supermarket and Departmental Store has emerged as a well managed and convenient shopping destination. Min Bahadur Gurung, managing director of the store is a living example of a successful entrepreneur. So, after reading the profile of Gurung published on New Business Age’s website I also chose Gurung to write his profile as part of my college assignment. I wish him success in his future business endeavours. 
- Shreeya Chaulagain, Via website

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