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Allow Private Sector to Spend Development Budget

The spending capacity of the Government of Nepal is quite poor, to say the least. The government has been routinely allocating capital expenditure, also known as the development budget, every year. But it has routinely failed to spend the money. In the first nine months of the current fiscal year, . . . Read more »


Feedback May 2015

Nepal is becoming a major market for automobile brands. Almost all auto brands are present here and it feels nice to know that new entrants are finding Nepal as a potential market to sell their passenger vehicles. In this regard, the story titled 'Driven by Demand' was very . . . Read more »


Voices May 2015

“The contribution of the manufacturing sector to the GDP is lowest in Nepal in entire South Asia. This is not a good sign for the . . . Read more »

No Laughing Matter

Zoo Model of Economy

Despite the efforts of seven decades to catch the bus of development, Nepal has not been able to do so. What may be the reasons? Before 1951, Nepal’s economy stood on a single leg only. As a result, the country’s development would limp on the Chandra Shumsher-path or Tribhuvan-path as and when the Palace so wished. . . . Read more »

Biz News

Biznews May 2015

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala laid the foundation stone of the Bheri-Babai Multipurpose Project at a programme in Hattikhal of Bheriganga Municipality, Ward No. 15, Surkhet, on April 2. The government has attached top priority to this project, which is also a project of national pride, among the eight other multipurpose . . . Read more »

Biz Launches

Biz Launches May 2015

Prostyle, male grooming range from Dabur Nepal, has signed an MoU with Group of Event Entertainer (GEE) this year too for sponsoring Manhunt International Nepal 2015. GEE has been organizing the Manhunt International since . . . Read more »

Tourism and Aviation

Tourism News May 2015

Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza has resumed its operations from 5th May. “To be in line with the International safety and security standards, we had to close hotel for few days to ensure that the building and infrastructure is in normal condition and it is absolutely safe to stay for our guests. . . . Read more »

Business Visitors

“We are making some nice gains in the Nepali market”

Sula Vineyards, considered as the pioneer of Indian wine industry has expanded its foothold in Nepal where it entered three years ago. Established in 1997, the Nasik-based winery has a wide variety of award winning wines in its . . . Read more »

Business Visitors

“We will be introducing a 4K Curve TV and the world’s first Quantum Dot TV this year”

TCL, the Chinese consumer electronics major is expanding its foothold in the Nepali market. The world’s third largest TV manufacturer is planning to launch some new products this year. Jane Luo, Department Chief, Asia Business Department, TCL Multimedia Holdings was recently in Nepal to examine the business of TCL in the country’s . . . Read more »

Nepal Politics

Oli’s Climb, Prachanda’s Fall

By the magnitude of his ‘flexibility’ shown in recent days including the withdrawal of the three-day Nepal bandh after the first day and taking the constitution writing process forward, it would appear that Prachanda has greater things in store for the New . . . Read more »

Spine Column

Spine Surgery: A Separate Specialty

Most of the medical specialties have branched into super-specialties. Initially, there was only M.B.B.S, and then came the era of specialized MD and MS doctors. However, in due course of time, these degrees became insufficient and the concept of Fellowships, MCh and DM began. Now, one can avail the services of a DM Gastroenterologist, DM Nephorologist, DM Endocrinologist, MCh Plastic Surgery, or MCh Cardio-thoracic . . . Read more »

Management Gyan

Consolidation in the Financial Sector

For quite some time now, and more so, after the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, consolidation has become a much discussed and rather important topic for not only in the developed Western World but also in the fast growing emerging economies. In this context, South Asia also needs a greater attention and quicker . . . Read more »


After the Disaster

The massive earthquake which struck Nepal on April 25 has hit the country really hard. As we go to the press, more than seven thousand bodies have been recovered and several thousands are reported injured. Millions have been affected in other ways. Search and rescue operations were still on when we went to the . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

Indian Cooperation in Hydropower Development (2)

Popular people’s movement of 1990 disposed the Panchayat Raj in an astray. It helped in restoring the multiparty political system abducted in 1960. Changed political circumstances changed the economic policy of the regime. The new economic policy stressed on paving way for liberal economic system. It considered the involvement of the private sector vital for the development of Nepali economy. . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

The Science of Prediction - Market Forecast

JP Morgan was not the first or the last person who used astrology for his important business decisions. In our day to day life some way or the other, all of us had used this divine science of astrology to make certain decisions but very few of us know that this divine science of astrology can be used very effectively to forecast the trend of stock and commodity . . . Read more »

Stock Taking

11.47 Points Fall Ahead of Q3 Results

Most of the stocks turned red during the review period (Feb 18 - March 19) pushing the index to nearly two months low. The Nepse index closed in red losing 15.03 points or 1.53% to settle at 967.62. The index touched highest level on 9 March with 988.77 and the lowest was 959.14 on 16 March. . . . Read more »

Stock Taking

Monthly Technical Analysis of Nepse (March 19 to April 23, 2015) : At Lowest Volatility of the Year

RSI is a form of leading indicator that is believed to be most effective during periods of sideways movement. Such indicators may create numerous buy and sell signals that are useful when the market is not clearly trending upwards or downwards. . . . Read more »


A Brief on IT Security

IT security is becoming major concern for many users, IT professionals and related stakeholders, nowadays. Five or six years back, the term ‘IT Security’ was not making it to the headlines though IT was taking over the traditional market place. It was a time when most of the organizations were digitizing their traditional paper-based . . . Read more »


Art of Living

Sashi Raj Pandey, CEO of Shree Investment and Finanace Company Ltd and President of Nepal-India Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a busy man. He wants to keep himself busy all the time. Pandey is a deeply spiritual man and is associated with the Art of Living Foundation and is in the Board of Art of Living Nepal. . . . Read more »


Bridging Business and Social Work

“Following your passion, knowing both your strengths and weaknesses and having patience is the key to success,” says Rajan Lamsal, Managing Director of Aayam Intercontinental, Authorized Distributor of Force Motors for Nepal. Lamsal, who is also the past Council Chairperson of Lions Club, has lived his life making a perfect balance between his career and social service. . . . Read more »


“Business and development are essentially interrelated”

Professor Juan Miguel M. Luz is the Dean of Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management, a core faculty of Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Philippines. Established in 1968, AIM is considered as a pioneer of management education in Asia and Prof Luz is considered as one of the most influential Filipino educators. . . . Read more »

Cover Story

Growing and Growing Cement

Cement production in Nepal has been growing sharply over the past few years. The industry is among the country's most flourishing business sectors as the demand of cement is constantly rising. The . . . Read more »

Cover Story

Experts' View May 2015

The cement industry in Nepal is in the growing phase. Nepal is in the initial phase of infrastructural development. There are about 40-50 cement industries in existence in the country. The cement industry has immense scope. . . . Read more »

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