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“Millionaires don’t use astrology but billionaires do” 
                          - JP Morgan, the first billionaire of United States of America
--By Anup Kumar Agarwal
JP Morgan was not the first or the last person who used astrology for his important business decisions. In our day to day life some way or the other, all of us had used this divine science of astrology to make certain decisions but very few of us know that this divine science of astrology can be used very effectively to forecast the trend of stock and commodity market. Whether it is gold, silver, soybean, copper, crude oil, USD/INR or euro, everything can be predicted with highest accuracy with the help of the divine science of astrology
For the new people it may sound completely illogical but the truth is everything happening in this universe is based on highest mathematical principles, whether it is the rise or fall of an economy or of a corporate entity or the price movement of a stock or commodity. Anything and everything follows predefined rhythm. If today on 31stmarch of 2015 (at the time of writing this article) I tell you that international gold prices are going to trade below $810 in next 12 months, if I also tell you that gold prices are not going to breach the $1344 mark in year 2015, along with this two useful information if I also tell you that in late June 2015 gold and silver prices are expected to make an important low, how would you take that? Everything may sound irrational but for the people who understand the “sacred science of prediction,” it is pure mathematics.
When I say everything is pre-decided and predictable, here everything indicates literally everything. If you do not understand the science of astrology, cycles, numerology, alphabetology, ancient geometry and ancient mathematics, let me explain it in very simple way. 
To understand the "science of prediction" we need to understand that future is nothing but the repetition of the past, if we can study the past we can predict the future. More we see into the past more we can see into the future. As written in the holy Bible "there is nothing new under the sun" that simply means whatever today we are experiencing is already happened in the past, today it is just the repetition. If we look at our day to day life events and judge them minutely we will see everything is being repeated, starting from the sunrise-sunset-sunrise, the time clock, it starts at 1 goes to 12 then again start from 1, the month starts from 1st ends on 30th/31st and again starts from 1st, the years starts from January ends in December and again starts from January. The week starts on Monday ends on Sunday and again starts from Monday. 
Let’s consider our life cycle, we are born, grow up, get old, we die and then again we are born. Flowers, animals, all follow the same life cycle. The water converts into clouds, clouds convert into water and the process goes on. The number system starts from 1 and ends at 9 and again starts at 1.  The examples are endless. Whatever is happening in this universe is based on highest mathematical principles, there is nothing called “accident". And by using this mathematical principles, cycles, astrology, and geometry we can predict the future
 In the sacred science of prediction, astrology, cycles, numerology, alphabetology, ancient geometry and ancient mathematics, help us to identify the past cycles and help us to forecast the future cycles. I genuinely feel that even a lifetime is less to understand this holy science of prediction. The sacred science of prediction cannot be explained in these small 2-3 paragraphs. In our next article we will discuss “Are we ready for the next stock market crash?” Wishing you a happy and profitable trading.
Agarwal is the Founder and CEO of “SA” Market Forecaster, an Indian company that specialises in astrological forecasts of stocks, precious metals and agricultural commodities.Submitted by Victor I. Joseph, Marketing Head - Nepal


dear sir- Its very imformative ,interesting and knowlegable. helping to under stand life too. Thanks & regards R.K.VATHS