Feedback February 2016

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Energy Now a Must
I read the cover story ‘Energy Now’ (NBA, Jan 2016) by Akhilesh Tripathi and Jiban Basnet with great interest. I think the energy issues are now a matter of discussion only because no effort has been made to uplift the energy sector. The loadshedding hours are increasing day by day due to which our economy has taken a nosedive. The government should put the energy sector as a national priority project and the project should be stated as an emergency project and put on the fast track. Concrete steps must be taken, for only discussing the matter by saying we have to do this or that is not going to end loadshedding hours and the state of our energy sector.

  - Radha Paudel, Koteshower

NPC Revival 
Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada’s interview (NBA, Jan 2016) gave an insight into the upcoming plans of the Nepal Planning Commission (NPC). Hopefully Khatiwada will prove the NPC can work for the betterment of the country. NPC, too, has suffered from the long period of political instability and the many changes in government. In the light of this, NPC should come-up with a long term vision so that work can still continue even with changes in government.

- Mithlesh Kumar Thakur, Birtamod

Good Gyan
The article by Basant Kumar Chaudhary ‘Eliminating Wastes to Prosper via Kaizen’, (NBA, Jan 2016) was a top read. The idea generated from the book, ‘Kaizen: the Key to Japan’s Competitive Success’ by Masaaki Imai was interpreted in a very practical way by the writer. And by that, I mean the article was made relevant to the work place. The Kaizen three Gens- Gen-ba, Gen-butsu and Gen-jitsu, gives a very grounded idea as it is very important to rely on reality. Also, business organisations should take heed to help maintain the management system. The chart ‘Gemba House’ was also informative.

- Binayak Nepal, Baneshower

Buoying Up Self-Reliancy
I agreed with the views expressed in the articles ‘Self-Reliant Economy’, ‘Beyond the Rhetoric of Self-reliance’ by Pradeep Kumar Kedia and ‘Exploiting Potential to the Maximum’ by Ashok Kumar Baidya (NBA, Jan 2016). It is obvious that being a land locked country we may not be able to be totally self-reliant but we at least can generate opportunities from this. I believe, as said by Kedia, that it is necessary to develop the country through a bottom-up approach. Next, government policies and acts regarding the economy, trade and industries should be flexible so that investors get motivation to invest.

- Shikha Khatiwada, Banepa

Really, What Does India Want?
‘What Does India Want?’ (NBA, Jan 2016) highlighted a number of clear points. The blockade has lasted for four months now, making life increasingly harder due to the acute shortage and hike in food items. Negotiations to uplift the blockade are going nowhere, nor is the Madhesi Front willing to compromise. The earthquake victims are suffering more and more as the mercury drops with lack of supples. When it comes to humanity, I think it’s better to keep politics aside and do everything we can to help those who are in need.   

- Santosh Ghimire, via e-mail

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