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High Hopes from the Hydropower Sector
The cover story of New Business Age's December, 2014 issue titled 'The Himalayan Power Revolution in the Making' raises hope for the Nepalis who are daily facing long hours of electricity-cut or the 'loadshedding.' Nepal's hydropower sector has long been held a hostage to government inaction, corruption, policy hurdles and political uncertainty. On top of that, the decade long insurgency which ended in 2006, also severely disrupted hydropower projects, pushing the nation's energy sector back to at least 50 years. However, with the sign of political stability coming to the country after CA-II elections alongside the Power Trade Agreement (PTA) between Nepal and India, the country's energy sector is all set to revive. 
It feels nice to hear that the country's hydropower sector has topped the list regarding the FDI commitments made by foreign investors. With the major Indian energy and infrastructure contractors, GMR Consortium and Sutlej, investing in Nepal's large hydel projects, there are high hopes of FDI inflow into the domestic power sector. The Chinese contractor Sino-Hydro is already engaged in various projects across the country. Following the Indian companies, other international investors have also expressed their interest for investing in major projects. Nevertheless, foreign investors seek assurance on security and guarantee of return on their investments.  To welcome them with arms wide open, the government needs to provide them with the security they need. 
The PTA has not only opened doors to end Nepal's long standing power crisis but also paved way for the country's hydropower sector to become a major export-oriented industry. As the South Asian nations are facing severe energy crisis, Nepal has huge potential to produce and export electricity. Nepal only needs to properly utilise its water resources for that purpose. For this, a stable government is needed and political parties should speak through action rather than words that they are not going to disrupt the development of hydel projects to serve their petty political ambitions. 
- Dinesh Pradhan, Pokhara
Studying to Become a CA
I am a plus two graduate and thinking about studying chartered accountancy. The story on chartered accountancy published in the last issue of New Business Age helped me be sure about my decision of joining the course. 
I would like to extend thanks to the writer of the article for shedding light on the career opportunities the course carries. Chartered Accountancy really is a high-career ranking option for students like us because of the higher possibility of getting good jobs with good income opportunities upon the completion of the course
CAs are now most rewarded people in the society. Earlier, people were neither aware of the course nor the job prospects it entailed but now they are aware. This has increased the attraction towards this course. 
- Saroj Phuyal via email
“Delivering Excellent Hospitality”
The article about Mirage Inn in the December issue was a very good piece of writing. It is good to know that within a short duration of time the hotel has been receiving good customer inflow.  As a customer, I also have an experience of luxurious facilities in the hotel at reasonable price. The best part which I personally like about the hotel is its restaurant “Blue Coriander”. It is a complete vegetarian restaurant with varieties of delicious vegetarian cuisines. Likewise, the hotel has very good and comfortable rooms. I was also impressed by the hospitality of the hotel. I believe Mirage Lords Inn to be one of the best hotels in town and suggest people to visit the hotel at least once.
- Myraa Acharya, Mahankal, Bouddha
‘Additional Information on Ncell’
Reading the Corporate Focus section about Ncell, I certainly agree that Ncell is the best managed joint venture company of Nepal. It has constantly been benefitting the customers with its numerous exciting packages. With the new CEO, the hopes are higher now. I would also like to congratulate Ncell on the success of the Ncell App Camp. Ncell has not only been serving the nation with its telecommunication facility but has also helped the nation by organizing such events. While reading this piece in the magazine, I think the writer forgot to mention that Ncell has also recently been awarded as the biggest income-tax payer of the nation for the fiscal year 2012/13. The company paid a total of Rs 20.76 billion which took it to the top of the income taxpayers table.
- Sujan Adhikari, Kalanki
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