18th Saarc Summit

Give Laws,Not Money

If the business-economy related laws pending in parliament or in the government ministries are legislated, the quake-hit economy will get more relief than from the big money that the donors pledge. . . . Read more »


Feedback July 2015

I found the cover story, Rising from the Rubble (New Business Age, June 2015), informative as it covered different aspects of the destruction caused by the earthquake of April 25. The interviews were really enlightening. It is good news that most of the beautiful and historic tourist destinations outside the Kathmandu Valley are safe. It will take time to recover from this. Time will heal the pain of grief. We should stay optimistic and rebuild . . . Read more »

Biz News

Biz News July 2072

Economists and private sector actors have stressed on formulating policies that could harness the potential of both the private and the public sector in addressing the concerns of the national economy, that surfaced especially in the aftermath of the earthquake. . . . Read more »

Banking Activities

Banking Activities July 2015

Metro Development Bank has opened another branch in Pokhara. The new branch operating in Talchok of Lekhnath municipality is the Pokhara-based bank’s sixth . . . Read more »

Tourism and Aviation News

Tourism News July 2015

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has started daily flights between Kathmandu and Delhi, as part of its new flight expansion plan. The national flag carrier had recently acquired two new 158-seater Airbus aircraft from the European Airbus Company. NAC Spokesman Ramhari Sharma said that a one-way ticket would cost Rs 7,300 per person adding that NAC has plans to start flying to the Indian cities of Mumbai and Bangalore from June. NAC also has . . . Read more »


A Sloppy Situation

It is most unlikely that the world's largest food company, which sells the same Maggi products in a majority of the countries in the world, would need to add lead to its product in India. Such an allegation has not been made against this company in any other country in the . . . Read more »

Nepal Politics

Court Vs Constituent Assembly

This tussle between the judiciary and the legislative bodies has spread to other crucial institutions of the state as well, polarizing opinion down the political corridors and Nepali society as a whole. . . . Read more »

No Laughing Matter

Thank You, Dear Earthquake!

For many years now, the wild seeds of discontent sown by the Europeans flourished in our country. The risk of communal tension raising its ugly head was increasing. But O Dear Earthquake, Exalted Thou Art that you suddenly eased the communal tensions, bringing all our different communities under the same . . . Read more »


“I’m against banning high-rise building”

Bishnu Panthee, Managing Director of Cage Consult Pvt Ltd, is one of Nepal’s senior professional architects, designing and building residential as well as commercial buildings for the past 16 years. . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

The SAARC Growth Quadrangle

Just as Nepal faces this development dilemma so also the same is being felt by Bangladesh, Bhutan and India which together comprise the world's premier poverty belt. The estimated population of the growth quadrangle is around 500 million . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

Reviving Nepal’s Economy

Reviving Nepal’s economy after the earthquake necessitates a development paradigm shift, from the aid dominated one to new principles, namely economic nationalism, national self-reliance, local . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

Breaking the FDI Barrier in Hydropower

Commitment, devotion, responsibility, accountability and self-determination are needed. In the absence of these attributes no country can successfully attract . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

The Game of Under-Invoicing

Government agencies as well as the business sector seem to be loudly railing against the trend of under-invoicing. Both agree that under-invoicing equals a great loss in revenue, as well as an . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

Personal Guarantee as Additional Security

The prevailing practice of asking for personal guarantees from the shareholders needs a clear rethink by all involved parties like banks, entrepreneurs, investors, regulators and . . . Read more »


Tourism Sector : Ready, Willing and Able

The tourism sector hit hard by the earthquake is ready more than ever to bounce back and recover its lost . . . Read more »

Development Partners

Nepal’s Friends Commit $4.4 billion for Post-quake Reconstruction

The International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction (ICNR) concluded in Kathmandu on June 25 pledging nearly $4.4 billion or Rs 440 billion in aid from Nepal’s donors and development partners, . . . Read more »


How Psychology Affects Marketing Dimensions and Buying Behaviour

People often buy not for what the products do, but for what they . . . Read more »

Management Gyan

The Meaning Quotient

Business leaders are striving hard to find the missing MQ ingredients so that they can improve motivation and workforce . . . Read more »

Stock Taking

Moving Sideways

As the earthquake has destroyed property and hampered trade, consumption, investment and living patterns of the people, business activities have been hampered. However, the exact loss can be assesses only after the coming quarterly reports of the listed . . . Read more »

Stock Taking

Are We Ready for the Next Stock Market Crash?

In US stock market history, so far we have seen three big crashes. The first crash was on 28th October 1929, followed by the second on 19th October 1987 and the last crash was on 6th October . . . Read more »

Stock Taking

Smarten Your Approach to the Secondary Market

Before investing in the secondary market, take a breather and evaluate yourself. What is your type? Are you an investor or a . . . Read more »

Stock Taking

Monthly Technical Analysis of Nepse (May 24 to June 23, 2015)

The aftermath of the earthquake caused Nepse index to fall by 10.70%. Nevertheless, the index increased soon enough, rising by 15.43% halfway through last month. Currently, Nepse is at a correction . . . Read more »

Corporate Focus

NMB: Banking on Merger & Growth

To emerge as a stronger player in the domestic financial market, NMB Bank is poised to conclude a four-year-long process that will merge into it three other banks and financial . . . Read more »

Corporate Focus

Nepal Life Settling Earthquake Claims Pro-actively

“Now more than ever, insurance companies need to be especially proactive when settling claims,” Vivek Jha, chief executive officer of Nepal Life Insurance Company (NEPAL LIFE), says, “This is the right time for insurance companies to earn the trust of the . . . Read more »

Cover Story

Construction Industry Now

As Nepal gears up for the reconstruction phase post earthquake, experts anticipate a healthy growth for the country’s construction industry. . . . Read more »

Cover Story

Experts' View July 2015

“We anticipate at least a 40 percent growth in cement . . . Read more »

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