Are We Ready for the Next Stock Market Crash?

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Under certain specific astrological combinations, the US stock market goes into panic-mode which results in a crash. 
--By Anup Kumar Agrawal
In US stock market history, so far we have seen three big crashes. The first crash was on 28th October 1929, followed by the second on 19th October 1987 and the last crash was on 6th October 2008.
Since the last stock market crash of 2008, the USA stock indices are in Bull Run and climbing to a new all-time high, an unstoppable bull rally which started in 2009 and is still on the way. As stock traders, we are all anxious to know when this bull rally will end. When are we going to see the next stock market crash? The important question here is: Is it really possible to forecast the next stock market crash? Can the science of astrology help us do that? 
The next stock market crash in the US will probably be as big as the last three crashes, may be much bigger. When we use the term “crash", it does not indicate a correction or a downtrend, but a real crash. A fall of 4,000 points in the Dow Jones in a span of five days can be considered as a "crash". In the last eight months, different corners of the globe have asked us, “When can we expect the next crash in the US stock market? Are we going to see it in 2015 or 2016? Or do we have to wait beyond that?” 
Before getting into “when”, first let’s discuss “how”? 
Let me explain it this way. If we go to a soft drink manufacturer and tell him that his sales are going to plummet in the winter, are we telling him anything new? No, not at all. Even a 10-year-old kid knows very well that in winter, the demand for cold drinks is low and so it is going to affect sales adversely. So here “winter” is the criteria which shall adversely affect sales in the cold drinks industry. 
In the same fashion, if we can identify the “criteria” which is going to affect the stock market adversely, only then can we predict the next stock market crash. But here we are not talking about a correction but about a “crash” and a stock market crash is not a normal phenomenon. So here we need to identify two vital factors, first “criteria”, in layman’s language, is “circumstances” which can bring the stock market down, and second, the “potentiality of the circumstances” should be strong enough to bring something bigger than a correction, which we can call a “crash”. 
Now to identify the “potential circumstances”, we need to look back and see what the prevailing circumstances were during the last three stock market crashes. If we compare the above three stock market crashes, the indications are that they all occurred during a period of crisis but the important question is, how can we identify the next crisis in the US stock market? And this is where the role of the “science of prediction” comes in. With the help of astrology, if we analyze all the crashes, it gives us some extremely useful information. Under certain specific astrological combinations, the US stock market goes into panic-mode which results in a crash. 
Now, if we can pinpoint similar astrological combinations in the future, then it may ease the process of identifying the next crisis. Everything may sound simple but practically, it is a complicated process. Astrology helps us to indicate the future dates where similar astrological combinations may prevail and on this basis, we can assume that a similar crisis may occur during those dates and so, the crash.
If our calculations are not wrong, the rally of June 2015 can be the final rally of this six years bull market in stocks. Our calculations indicate that all the major global stock indices are near or very near to top out. After July 1 2015, the US stock market is expected to fall gradually and silently; the crash will not come straightaway. After the rally is completed in June 2015, a correction is expected between July-October and by October 2015, we can easily see 7000 in Nifty and 1800 in S&P. Thereafter, again a rise into 2016 and then the final crash in 2016. The most ideal date for the crash would be October 7 2016. Keep a special watch around and after September 13, 2015 and October 7, 2016. Along with astrology, cyclical analysis and geometrical calculations give us some important hints. Along with stock indices, the second half 0f 2015 has got some big opportunities in gold, silver, soybean, corn, crude oil and coffee also. 
In any case this issue needs more research and our calculations may prove wrong also. Till then Happy Trading! 
Agarwal is CEO and founder of “SA” Market Forecaster, an Indian company which specializes in Global Market Forecast– stock, commodities and currencies. Their calculations are based on astrology, geometry and mathematics.  They can be reached at


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