Feedback July 2015

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Time to Rise Again
I found the cover story, Rising from the Rubble (New Business Age, June 2015), informative as it covered different aspects of the destruction caused by the earthquake of April 25. The interviews were really enlightening. It is good news that most of the beautiful and historic tourist destinations outside the Kathmandu Valley are safe. It will take time to recover from this. Time will heal the pain of grief. We should stay optimistic and rebuild Nepal. Stay Safe! Jay Nepal!
- Supriya Maharjan, Kirtipur
Strategies to Uplift Economy
I agree with Madan Lamsal’s article Strategies for Activating the Economy (New Business Age, June 2015). Reconstruction, rebuilding and rehabilitation are serious matters to be planned and implemented effectively. This can only be possible if the Nepali people and the political leaders work together. Also, people should not be too dependent on the government and just wait for them to do something as the government, too, should not be too dependent on foreign aid. We should utilize our own resources. 
- Alok Sharma, Birgunj
Nepali Startups Need Angel Investors
There are a lot of startup businesses that can grow in the Nepal market if they can find investors. But the problem in Nepal is that, there is a lack of angel investors willing to put their money in such companies. Areas like retail marketing, printing, food chain businesses etc can grow significantly if they can find the right investors. Boot camps should be organized for startups to meet investors.
- Mukesh Regmi, via email
Upreti’s Unexpected Suicide
The suicide of former Supreme Court justice Bharat Raj Upreti was hard to believe. His earlier interview re-printed in the June 2015 issue of your magazine gave many insights into the man and his legal expertise. He seemed to come across as an articulate and well-grounded person and for that it is even more surprising that he took his own life. 
- Ashish Rai, Jadibuti, Kathmandu
Rehabilitation: The Post-quake Challenge
The interview with Prof Dr Govind Raj Pokhrel in the June issue was a good read. The National Planning Commission now has a major challenge in its hands, especially with the monsoon making its arrival. The rebuilding and reconstruction should be started asap. People have become unsatisfied with the government’s slow response to deal with the post-quake situation. The government must now tighten its belt and become more active in reconstruction and rebuilding. Foreign aid should be mobilized transparently. Everyone should take this devastation as an opportunity to restore people’s faith in the government.
- Swastika Acharya, Pokhara

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