Nepal Politics

Lokman’s Last Chance

The announcement by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) to accelerate the probe into the alleged corruption in the distribution of salaries and allowances to the Maoist combatants when they were housed at different cantonments across the country until 2012 is good . . . Read more »

From the Editor

Restarting Govt Factories

In his work plan concerning industrial sector reform, the newly appointed Minister for Industries Rabindra Raj Joshi announced that the government owned industries that have been shut for several . . . Read more »

No Laughing Matter

The Mystery of Missing Files

Instead of losing a file or two, let’s lose all the files that exist in the country. Let’s forget all the old files. We will get nowhere by clinging to the past. This should be why even Gangamaya . . . Read more »


Biztoon October 2016

Biztoon October . . . Read more »


Voices October 2016

Voices October . . . Read more »

Liquor Indicators

Liquor Indicators October 2016

Liquor Indicators October . . . Read more »

Corporate Movements

Corporate Movements October 2016

Corporate Movements October . . . Read more »

Stock Taking

Monthly Technical Analysis of Nepse (28 August to 22 September 2016)

The benchmark index experienced a bullish run during the first half of last month. However, the second half of the month was triggered by a bearish momentum. Nepse gained 36.29 points (or up 2.12%) last month to close at 1766.91. . . . Read more »


“Nepal and Czech Republic need to invest time to better understand each other’s priorities”

Vojtěch Filipis the Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Czech Republic. He was in Nepal last month for a four-day visit leading a high-level legislative delegation. The . . . Read more »


“Nepal needs to create niche markets to uplift its overall economy”

Nepal and Australia embarked on their journey of friendship by establishing diplomatic relations in 1960 and the bilateral relationship between the two countries has been strongly growing ever since. . . . Read more »

Self Made

A Gem of a Fellow

Nepal’s ancient alleys have always been filled with jewellery and precious stones. How one man systematically modernised the . . . Read more »

Book Review

Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

The great secret of our time is that there are still uncharted frontiers to explore and new inventions to create. In Zero to One , legendary entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel shows how we can find singular ways to create those new things. . . . Read more »

Business Education

Making Engineers Managers

The MEM programme carries great scope for engineering students, as it lays the perfect platform to bridge the gap between technology and . . . Read more »

Restaurant Review

Bricks Cafe : A Warm, Delicious Place

For nearly five years, Bricks Cafe has held the hearts of people and it has proven that at the end of the day, what most diners want isn’t nerve-jangling sensations or cutting-edge surprises. . . . Read more »

Tech Talk

“Oppo smartphones are true camera phones”

Pioneering some of the unique smartphone imaging technologies such as ‘rotating camera’ , ‘high-end selfie cameras’ and other features, the Chinese handset maker Oppo is constantly innovating . . . Read more »

Tech Talk

“We aim to provide unique device experiences to Nepali users”

​Intensifying the competition in the Nepal handset market, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu recently debuted in Nepal with its two ‘M’ series phones namely, M3 Note and M3s. . . . Read more »

Business Financing

Young, Hip and Crowdfunded

In a world full of various sources of financing, crowdfunding has become a popular way in which to raise funds to start a business. After the inception of the first crowdfunding network Artist Share . . . Read more »

Startup Scene

Value in Farming Innovation

As innovations go, Nepal’s agricultural belt has seen a lot but still needs a lot to grow and harvest its full potential. Outsiders are frequently viewed with suspicion even though they may try to . . . Read more »

Management Gyan

Circular Healthcare

Many would still consider ‘sustainability’ to be little more than a popular buzzword, but for those in healthcare, it is a concrete imperative. Either we establish healthcare on an . . . Read more »


Changing Times for Nepali Film Industry

Gone are the days when Nepali movies would struggle hard just to break even months after their release . Nowadays, Nepali movies are making substantial profits even just a few weeks after opening. . . . Read more »

Business Visitors

“We will be introducing more four-wheelers like Kwid and Duster in Nepal”

The French multinational brand Renault recently launched two new vehicles in Nepal- the SUV Duster and hatchback Kwid which were also showcased at the 11th NADA Auto Show. Marking its entry in the domestic automobile market with these two . . . Read more »

Business Visitors

“Nepali wine market is definitely strong and it’s growing”

With a history of 167 years, the Australian wine Jacob’s Creek was recently awarded as ‘Australia’s Most Trusted Wine Brand’ by Reader’s Digest. To keep the real taste of wine alive, Jacob’s Creek sources high quality grapes . . . Read more »

Cover Story


Nepali Business Houses in New Economy

One of the characteristics of Nepali business houses is that they like to be omnipresent, in every sector, in all parts of the country and even may be . . . Read more »


Feedback October 2016

I would like to extend my congratulation all winners of the 3rd Newbiz Conclave and Awards 2016. . . . Read more »

Corporate Focus

NCHL: Making Payments Efficient

Promoted by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), commercial banks, development banks, finance companies and Smart Choice Technologies Pvt Ltd (SCT), Nepal Clearing House Ltd (NCHL) . . . Read more »

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