Feedback October 2016

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Thank You NewBiz!
I would like to extend my congratulation all winners of the 3rd Newbiz Conclave and Awards 2016. New Business Age has done excellent job in encouraging the private sector in a time when the country’s economy is in a bad shape. Honouring the best Nepali companies will also motivate other to fight against the odds. The participation of private sector in the economic development of the country has become more important at present. The political instability has slowed down the economy to a large extent. The private sector is still withstanding and moving ahead facing lots of challenges and showing some light of hope. Despite the troubles, investments in hydropower, tourism and other potential can bring substantial change to the country’s economy. By developing the power trading market, as said by PTC India’s former Chairman TN Thakur in the Conclave, we can spur a new dimension of hydropower development in the country. Similarly, National Insurance Company Limited General Manager KB Vijaya Srinivas also rightly expressed the ideas about exploring the potentials in the insurance sector. Likewise, I would also agree with former Indian Ambassador Jayant Prasad on exploiting the possibilities across various areas. 
- Amrita Rauniyar, Balkhu

Pirates, Ahoy!
The article 'Piracy, Money and Greed' by Dwaipayan Regmi (NewBiz, Sept 2016) shed an interesting light on the state of piracy in Nepal. It is a well known fact that this happens worldwide and our country too, is no exception. I think we all must understand that however tempting it may be to get something for free, it is better to pay for a product so that the creator can better produce more in the future. 
- Rabin Tamang, Lazimpat   

Art of Being a Leader 
The article ‘Why Shakespeare’s Henry V is Relevant in Today’s Leadership’ (NewBiz, Sept 2016) was a well written piece in relation to Shakespeare’s text and the lessons that leaders and managers can learn. The writer has related the events in the drama with the current management trend. He has discussed some essential traits for leaders. The writer has emphasised, ‘they will be required to balance injustice against mercy and truth against loyalty many times’. I also believe that at times we have to take many tough decisions and stand firm and confident with those decisions. 
- Sangita Thapa, Boudha

Truly an Inspiration 
The article on the Dabbawalas of Mumbai and the interview of Pawan G Agarwal (NewBiz, Sept 2016) were very inspiring.  The kind of dedication and professionalism that Dabbawalas follow is rarely present in today’s world. Though most of the Dabbawalas are not much educated, they can beat any highly educated person in terms of professionalism. The 5,000 Dabbawalas delivering 2,00,000 boxes everyday without any mistake is an amazing example of efficient logistics and supply chain management.  It is truly a role model organisation for the world and for Nepali people and there is a lot to learn from the Dabbawalas. I wish we can start such an effective organisation in Kathmandu too. This would be really beneficial for students and professionals as they can consume healthy homemade food in the office. 
 - Sabin Adhikari, Gongabu

Watching the Trend
It was great to read ' Standing the test of time' (NewBiz, Sept 2016) by Aashiyana Adhikari. I enjoyed reading the article thoroughly. These days the trend for watches is changing and the article was very informative. I loved the way the writer presented the information about watches to help us explore the new and advanced watches coming to the market. The article was informative as it elaborated on the changing watch market after the sharp fall during last year's earthquake and economic blockade. I hope to see such informative coverage in this magazine in the coming days also. 
- Purna Satyal, Kathmandu  
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