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Rehabilitation of Spine Injury Patients

Rehabilitation of Spine Injury Patients

In a day, at least one patient suffers from spine injury. In Nepal, the majority of the injuries are due to road traffic accidents and falls. The location of the injury dictates the functional . . . Read more »

Scoliosis: What Every Parent should Know!

Scoliosis: What Every Parent should Know!

July 2015   
. . . Read more »

Indy 500, Steak and Pork Ribs

June 2015   
An advice to all visiting America, pork ribs and steak are a must! Fruits and vegetables are costlier hence people tend to eat junk and fast food which are relatively . . . Read more »

Spine Surgery: A Separate Specialty

May 2015   
Most of the medical specialties have branched into super-specialties. Initially, there was only M.B.B.S, and then came the era of specialized MD and MS doctors. However, in due course of time, these degrees became insufficient and the concept of Fellowships, MCh and DM began. Now, one can avail the services of a DM Gastroenterologist, DM Nephorologist, DM Endocrinologist, MCh Plastic Surgery, or MCh Cardio-thoracic . . . Read more »

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spine Involvement

April 2015   
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a disabling systemic disease, affecting mainly the small joints of the hands and feet. The end result is gross destruction and deformity of the joints. Majority of the RA patients have afflictions of the spine, especially the cervical (neck) . . . Read more »

Fibromyalgia:Diffuse Muscle Pain and Fatigue

March 2015   
Fibromyalgia affects the muscles and soft tissues of the body. You may experience muscle pain, feeling of tiredness, disturbances in sleep and painful spots in the body. Your muscles may feel like they have been overworked or pulled even though you haven't exercised. . . . Read more »

Back Pain: Is Bed Rest the Only Solution?

After common cold, back pain is the most common ailment to affect an individual. Four out of five individuals will experience an episode of back pain once in their life time. Hence, back and neck pain is the most common reason for consulting a spine surgeon. Fortunately, majority of the pain subsides in two weeks . . . Read more »

Sushi to Spine Surgery

What fascinates me the most about Japan is its people! Japanese are very hard working and innovative, yet they are bound by values and . . . Read more »

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Half of all pregnant women can expect some back pain. The back pain in pregnancy is due to the added weight of the fetus and the intrauterine contents. Also, the increase in the abdominal girth shifts the center of gravity of the body forward, causing additional strain on the back. . . . Read more »

Back Pain and Emotional Distress!!!

Four out of five adults will experience back pain in their life time. Fortunately, majority of the pain will subside in a few weeks. PAIN is a complex experience that includes both physical and psychological factors. It is quite normal to have emotional reactions to back pain . . . Read more »

Spine Injury

Spine fractures or spine injury occurs as a result of trauma to the bones (vertebrae) or ligaments of the spine. In Nepal, road traffic accidents and fall injuries account for the majority of spine . . . Read more »

Osteoporosis and the Spine

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bone mass decreases. This leads to weakness in the bones of the body and consequently increases the risk to fracture. The spine, hip, wrist and shoulder bones are prone to fractures. . . . Read more »