No Laughing Matter

Elections and Blessings

On a Tuesday before the recently held first phase local elections, the roads were choked with traffic jams everywhere in the valley. After an enquiry, it was revealed that the jams were caused by the long queues of the aspiring candidates and their supporters who had gathered around government . . . Read more »

From the Editor

Nepal in OBOR

After Nepal joined the China-sponsored Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) by signing in May 2017 the framework agreement on what is known as One Belt One Road (OBOR), analysts of different shades and . . . Read more »

Nepal Politics

Polls Apart
Bizarre Electoral Alliances

In almost all democracies across the world (except for those with a two-party system), political parties forge pre-election alliances, which occur when two or more political parties agree not to . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

Federalism a Necessity, Not a Choice

The fact that Federalism is not fully understood by the masses has been taken advantage of by a section of opinion makers who oppose it, citing the lack of financial resources to sustain many provinces. . . . Read more »

Stock Taking

Monthly Technical Analysis of Nepse (26 April to 24 May 2017)

The benchmark index declined from 1670.3 to 1629.58 in the course of last month. Its new support and resistance level stands at 1612 and 1780 level respectively. With no new bullish trigger, the index will likely test the new support . . . Read more »


“Radical change needed in the mindset of government and politicians”

Satya Narayan Keyal, Chairman of the Birjung-based industrial conglomerate Keyal Group has been active for the past three decades in the country’s industrial and business sectors. This group which . . . Read more »


“BGA seeks to help Nepal to harness available investment opportunities”

Despite the prolonged political instability, Nepal so far has remained in the investment radar of many prospective investors across the globe as they have been eying lucrative opportunities available . . . Read more »

Living +

Why Some Companies Make the Leap … 
And Others Don’t
Good to Great

In this book the author, Jim Collins outlines a model for turning a good, average or even mediocre company into a great one. The book includes a useful model which brings all the theory . . . Read more »

Business Finance

SPVs for Growth Financing

On the one hand, startups are in desperate need of better access to finance at the early stage, and on the other financial institutions too are searching for areas of investment that can yield the . . . Read more »

Business Education

BDFin : The Right Tools for the Job

In today’s competitive world, proper financial management in development work has become an issue of great importance for institutions to effectively mobilise the available resources to achieve . . . Read more »

Cover Story

Economics of Insurance

Insurance is familiar to the general people of insurance of car, buildings and contents and life insurance. Insurance, in law and economics, is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

Startup Policy for Changing Entrepreneurial Scene

From providing community level solutions in rainwater harvesting, hazardous hospital waste management, selling a pizza at just Rs 100, manufacturing bricks using eco-friendly techniques to urban . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

Foreign Aid Dynamics

Success is a pathless territory, Success means different things to different players, Success is the amount of funds given, Success is the number of persons employed, Success is measurable in change, . . . Read more »

Product Focus

LG Dual Cool Inverter AC : Technological Marvel for Soothing Coolness

The summer days of 2017 are in the full swing. The hot season has brought long scorching sunny days and endless yearn for coolness. What really soothe the soul during this season are glasses of icy . . . Read more »


Voices June 2017

Voices June . . . Read more »


Biztoon June 2017

Biztoon June . . . Read more »


Dataspeak June 2017

Dataspeak June . . . Read more »

Corporate Movements

Corporate Movements June 2017

Corporate Movements June . . . Read more »

Liquor Indicators

Liquor Indicators June 2017

Liquor Indicators June . . . Read more »


CrossWord June 2017

CrossWord June . . . Read more »


Why Modeling Matters at Home and in Class

We have dreams and hopes for our children that often extend beyond mimicry of our own lives. We hope they will do more, be more, and we define these “mores” in a myriad of ways. Yet the . . . Read more »

Cover Story

Insurance Sector 
Towards Golden Days

The interest of general public towards insurance over the last few years has grown as more Nepalis are looking to get . . . Read more »

Corporate Focus

Namaste Infotech : Reliable Integrated IT Services

Operating businesses without proper IT support has become unimaginable these days. Companies frequently encounter problems related to the external and internal factors that can significantly disrupt . . . Read more »

Company Profile

Vivanta: One Spot Solution for All Your Dental Problems

Located at a busy place which often has bumper-to-bumper traffic jam during the rush hours, Vivanta Dental draws the passersby’s eye particularly when they’re stuck in traffic with nothing to do . . . Read more »


Real Estate Sector : A Victim of Inconsistent Policies

Real estate transations, which had been reaching normal levels after being hard hit by the twin shocks of the earthquake and border blockade of 2015, have come to an abrupt halt following the central . . . Read more »


APC: From Hydro to Solar Power

Established on June 19, 2003, Api Power Company (APC) was transformed into a public limited company on July 21, 2003. Besides producing hydroelectricity, generating power from renewable sources is . . . Read more »


Going All Natural

With the rise in social media trends and self aware consumers, the trend toward all-natural products is stretching far beyond the grocery store shelves. Today, the consumers are realising that . . . Read more »


To Foster Sustainable Tourism

The British daily newspaper The Guardian in April announced Nepal among the top destinations in the world to go in 2017. This news came as a boon to the tourism sector that had been struggling to get . . . Read more »


Nepal : A Paradise for Adventure Tourists

Home to hundreds of peaks including eight of the highest mountains in the world, scores of trekking routes and rivers originating in the Himalayas, Nepal has been a paradise for adventure seekers . . . Read more »

Restaurant Review

Fine Dine at Dining Park

The Baneshwor area has a bit of a fine dining dilemma. The spirit of the neighbourhood is too hip to be formal and too alternative to appreciate anything traditional. You’ll find plenty of places . . . Read more »

Startup Scene

Best Paani : Have a Drink on Me

In a world where available water resources are fast depleting, the proper utilisation of rainwater has become an issue of major importance. The availability of clean drinking water is becoming . . . Read more »

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