Namaste Infotech : Reliable Integrated IT Services

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Namaste Infotech : Reliable Integrated IT Services

With a client list that reads like a Who’s Who of Nepal’s business world, one IT solutions company is making the increasingly precarious web-world safer. 

Bikash Ghimire, Director-Sales and MarketingBikash Ghimire
Director-Sales and Marketing

Yuvraj Karki,Technical Director

Yuvraj Karki
Technical Director

Operating businesses without proper IT support has become unimaginable these days. Companies frequently encounter problems related to the external and internal factors that can significantly disrupt their daily operations in today’s world where speed, consistency, security and reliability of System, Network and Hardware are essential to achieve organisational goals. A number of IT solutions providers are active in Nepal at present to keep their clients up and moving in this competitive business environment. 

 Namaste Infotech is one such company that has been providing integrated IT services including network and system design, installation, security, maintenance and consultancy to its clients since 2010. The company offers its services in various categories, namely Managed IT Services, Network Solution, System Integration, Web Service, and Hotspot Services. The company covers annual maintenance contract (AMC), ICT consultancy, system design and implementation and system audit in the Managed IT Services. 

In the Network Solution, it offers network security, network designing and configuration, network audit and structure cabling. Similarly, Namaste Infotech also works in the area of web services that include domain registration, hosting, web development and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Meanwhile, the company also supplies hardware such as Router, Firewall, Switches, Server, Wireless Equipment, IP Telephony, Storage Device, etc.  

“We are working as system integrators as well as technical support services providers to companies and organisation,” informs Bikash Ghimire, Director, Sales and Marketing of Namaste Infotech. The company has been providing services to different organisations from the government, to BFIs, healthcare, manufacturing, trading, education, technology and development sectors. 

Some of the clients include Nepal Oil Corporation, Inland Revenue Department, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Budhigandaki Hydroelectric Project, Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project, Nepal Bank Limited, Prime Commercial Bank, Prabhu Insurance Limited, Siddhartha Insurance Limited, Arniko Development Bank, Norvic Hospital, Dhulikhel Hospital, Grande International Hospital, Om Hospital, Agni Incorporated, Argakhanchi Cement, Sonapur Cement, Subisu Cablenet,  Nepal Telecom, Nepal Satellite Telecom, Midas Technology, Rato Bangla School, etc.  “The integrated IT solution has been the main the reason for us to have clients from all sectors,” says Ghimire.

Similarly, Namaste Infotech is the Enterprise Networking Certified Support Partner of Huawei.  It partners with some global brands including Cisco, Huawei Enterprise, Fortigate, Mikrotik, Cambium, Linksys, Dell, IBM, HP and Ubiquiti for network equipments and other services.  

The company has worked with Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) as the technical advisor for a free Wi-Fi service project at Ratnapark in Kathmandu. “We were successful in providing the free Wi-Fi to the visitors at Ratnapark,” says Yuvraj Karki, Technical Director of Namaste Infotech. He adds, “We will be providing free WiFi services to other public places collaborating with the metropolitan authority in near future.” 

About Namaste Infotech
“We named the company Namaste Infotech as the word ‘Namaste’ is the respectful beginning of any conversation and also the beginning of relations in our culture,” expresses Karki cheerfully recalling the starting days.  The company was started by three people. Among them, two were from a technology background having long experience in this sector. “Our previous experience helped us to form a strong technical team in short period. In the initial days, we focused on providing core and qualitative IT services to our clients. We continued it and our clientele gradually expanded,” he adds. 

Ghimire mentions that during the early days people were not much aware of IT solutions. “Nowadays the demand for ICT services is high with the companies and organisations realising such services are needed to get a competitive edge. The increasing access to digital and social media has also helped in this regard,” he mentions. Ghimire views that the importance of IT in organisations has been growing over the last few years. “This awareness and positivity among the people have contributed to the increase in the demand of ICT services,” he comments.

Namaste Infotech has been providing services to its clients in various parts of the country. “We are operating in major cities such as Banepa, Biratnagar, Birgunj and Bhairahawa besides the Kathmandu Valley,” informs Ghimire. 

According to Karki, the company technically can provide on attend or remote services anywhere across the country based on client’s requirement. “We can provide our services through a centralised way,” he says. 

Customer Satisfaction
 “We have left no room for our clients to complain about our services. Those who became customers during the starting days of Namaste Infotech have continued with our services,” says Technical Director Karki.  According to him, the company is always ready with solutions in case the clients face any problems. 

The company, which is focused on providing quality services to its clients, aims to adopt new technologies as soon they appear. “We will be moving on updating and adopting new technologies,” mentions Ghimire. He says that the company has been working to enhance the quality of its services. He shares that Namaste Infotech will be expanding its services keeping in mind the requirements of clients and the changing nature of business in the days to come.  

General IT Problems
According to Karki, clients generally make enquires about the problems which they encounter in day to day operation and several other issues are revealed after making an attempt to resolve those issues which client themselves are unable to identify. “Problems related to system security and data integrity are the major ones our clients mostly face,” shares Karki. 

Karki says that the company deploys techniques to prevent the problems that trouble clients repeatedly. “We apply preventive measures before the problem happens so that it helps in the long run. We have preventive managing measures in place as well,” he adds. 

Identifying and solving IT related issues is an arduous task that requires technical precision and expertise. The client list is a testimony to the fact that the company can effectively handle any type of problem encountered by the clients. The company provides solutions to its clients by investigating the root cause of any problem. “We identify the root causes and provide the best solutions so that the problems do not repeat,” claims Karki, “This has been the main reason for our customer satisfaction.”   

Human Resource
Presently, 16 professionals are working in different levels at Namaste Infotech. Like other companies in the Nepali tech sector, the company also faces a shortage of people as skilled professionals as well as fresh graduates follow the trend to go abroad to work and study. The company in this regard has been providing training to its staff for better performance. “There is a good career potential in the IT field in Nepal in the upcoming days,” states Ghimire. “We have great market potential in this sector as the IT awareness among private and government sectors has been increasing.”

Keeping up with Recent Trends
Karki views cloud computing as the most happening trend in IT. Likewise, he also observes the increasing demand for video conferencing. According to him, Namaste Infotech also provides video conferencing systems according to the need of the clients. The company recently brought Huawei video conferencing system for an enterprise to small business organization.

Consultancy Services
Apart from the IT support, Namaste Infotech provides expert consultancy that covers the full lifecycle of the design and implementation of these systems. “We bring our expertise to ensuring that the ICT strategy is comprehensive, the design is robust, and the implementation is successful. This comprehensive approach covers a wide range of disciplines including enterprise architecture, business analysis, systems engineering and service management. We also understand the context that ICT sits within, whether this be a new public service or a new building, and adopt a holistic approach that engages all stakeholders and delivers fully integrated solutions,” says Ghimire.  

Opportunities in IT Business 
Both Karki and Ghimire are optimistic about the IT sector. They say that with the government moving ahead with the concept of establishing ‘Smart Cities’ across the country, the potential for  IT has also expanded. “It is among the few sectors that has been attracting a lot of money in recent years,” Ghimire points out. 

SWOT Analysis
•    Trust of customers
•    Optimum utilisation of limited resources
•    Diagnosis of root causes of problems and applying best solutions
•    Providing IT related awareness, knowledge and ideas to clients 

Weakness/Areas need to be Improve
•    Need to expand the range of services
•    Limited number of clients

•    Opportunities created by government policies to encourage IT services
•    Concept of establishing ‘Smart City’ 

•    Low awareness level in terms of IT and data security among Nepalis 

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