Biztoon December 2021

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Feedback December 2021

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Voices December 2021

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Liquor Indicators

Beer Indicators December 2021

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Crosswords December 2021

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Corporate Movements

Corporate Movements December 2021

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Women at Work

Sajal Pradhan : A Life Dedicated to Sustainable Development

From remote areas to urban centres, the country's water crisis seems never-ending. But through environmentally friendly systems and insightful management one entrepreneur hopes to engineer proper . . . Read more »


New Opportunities in Nepal’s Railway Transport

With freight charges reduced and competition opened up, it remains to be seen as to what extent will Nepal's international trade benefit from the new . . . Read more »


MAKING AN IMPACT : Manufacturers Gear Up to Reduce Carbon Footprints

Panchakanya Steels, one of the leading steel producers in Nepal situated in Bhairahawa, uses a greasing automation system, recycled industrial water, and high-quality machinery parts to reduce the . . . Read more »

Business Visitors

"Nepal should be a tax haven for foreign investments"

Aaron Capital, Inc., USA (, a global middle-market investment banking firm headquartered in the USA, specialises in a wide range of services including mergers & acquisitions . . . Read more »


Prevention and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Problems

Soon after Dashain, Hari Bhusal, a resident of Kathmandu who is in his late 20s, started to feel uncomfortable in his stomach. After suffering from unbearable discomfort, inflammation and nausea, he . . . Read more »


Rebranding Nepal as a High-end Tourism Destination

With normalcy returning to the tourism sector after the government removed almost all kinds of Covid-19 restrictions to vaccinated tourists in late September, debates related to the kind of tourism-- . . . Read more »


Glimpses of NewBiz Startup Summit and Awards 2021

Glimpses of NewBiz Startup Summit and Awards . . . Read more »


NewBiz honours best startups

Upaya City Cargo Pvt Ltd becomes the ‘Best Startup of the Year 2021” while Leaf Plus and Aama Agro Products bags the award of second and third best startup respectively amid 'Kumari Bank NewBiz . . . Read more »

Startup Scene

YES SIR VEHICLE RENTAL : Making Travel More Efficient

Traditionally, car rental services in Nepal come with their own drivers. But one company has made it a success to put customers behind the steering . . . Read more »

Business Management

Abundance of Brands, But Lack of Management

As startup ventures wonder how to survive tough challenges, they must aspire to build a strong . . . Read more »


Making Agriculture Insurance Meaningful

The growth of agriculture insurance in Nepal has been sluggish despite various subsidies announced by the government. Big changes are required to attract farmers into insuring their farm . . . Read more »


Never Ceasing Demand for Makeup Products

Cosmetics or makeup products have a special character. They are items of luxury according to some. But data show that such products have become essential . . . Read more »

Cover Story

Insurance industry’s response to Covid-19

While the pandemic ravaged the tourism and leisure sectors such as hotels and travel businesses, industrial and financial sectors were also severely affected by the spread of the novel coronavirus . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

Pandemic Stimulus : Effects on Emerging Markets

EMs have a big challenge in hand, as to how to handle the situation and accelerate the process of growth over the next 12 to 18 . . . Read more »


“Regulatory interventions in the banking sector should only be for a short term”

The banking sector is once again facing a shortage of lendable funds, driving up interest rates. This comes at a time when the economic activities are gradually returning to normality. Nepal Rastra . . . Read more »


eMagazine DECEMBER 2021

eMagazine DECEMBER 2021 . . . Read more »

No Laughing Matter

Let’s Think Differently

The price of petroleum products has been rising constantly. It turned out that it rose 19 times in the last year itself. It seems the really successful politicians are the ones who can keep the . . . Read more »

From the Editor

Populist payout

It has been over one and a half years since coronavirus broke out in Nepal. The government imposed prohibitory orders and lockdowns for months that not only restricted the movement of people but also . . . Read more »

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