There is a Shortage of Specialised Doctors

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There is a Shortage of Specialised  Doctors

What is the situation regarding the availability of doctors in Nepal?

Currently, the situation seems to be satisfactory in terms of registration. In production, it has exceeded the standards set by the World Health Organization. However, providing services according to these standards appears to be challenging.

It is said that a large number of Nepali doctors are abroad, and many others are trying to leave the country as well. How did such a situation arise?

This is true. It is not that there are no doctors in the country, but the desire to go abroad is increasing. Doctors seem to be leaving the country for two reasons: to pursue better education abroad, and to seek employment opportunities. It is important to bring these doctors back. However, returning them from places with good opportunities is not easy. The country must create a conducive environment for their return.

It is said that there is a lack of skilled doctors in the country. What is the reality?

It is not that there are no skilled doctors at all, but the situation is not very satisfactory. It, however, is much better than before. There is a significant amount of skilled manpower, but there is a shortage of doctors who can provide specialised services.

Doctors are leaving the country for greener pastures abroad. What can be done to stop this trend?

It may be challenging to stop those leaving for better opportunities abroad, but those who want to stay but are forced to leave can be stopped. Creating a suitable environment is key. No one wants to leave the country if the environment is right. Skilled professionals are leaving the country due to weak governance and poor security.

What are your expectations from the government for improving the health sector?

There should be good governance at both the government and political leadership levels. Because of this, we are seeing distortions in almost every sector. Improvements in these two areas are crucial for enhancing the health sector. 

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