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Best B-School (MBA) 
2nd Best B-School (BBA)

“We compete with ourselves and cooperate with others”​

 Ashish Tiwari, Principal and Director, Ace Institute of Management
Ashish Tiwari
Principal and Director, Ace Institute of Management

We accept the award with a lot of gratitude and humility. We feel humbled to get this award and we will strive to become better every day. Being the title winner, we have the responsibility to be better in the future. We believe in competing with ourselves. In that process we cooperate with others so we can keep on competing with ourselves. 

The award will give everyone the opportunity to improve and make things better for education in Nepal. The overall programme was wonderful and I am going to send a personal note of congratulations to all other winners of the award. 






2nd Best B-School (MBA)​

“A top business school always rethinks its strategies”​

Rupesh Krishna Shrestha,  Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) Rupesh Krishna Shrestha 
Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) 

The overall program was excellent and this needs to continue in the future. Although the programme was not organised for the last two years due to several reasons, I am glad that New Business Age has started it again. Events like this will act as an encouraging factor to foster quality education. Although we did not win the first position, we take this as a learning opportunity as well as to retrospect where we are lacking. A top business school always rethinks its strategies. 

I have some suggestion for the organiser. Instead of segregating the B-schools as inside and outside the capital valley, there can be some other basis to award the colleges. While private colleges have been performing well in some areas, community institutions have also been doing well in some other sectors. I would suggest creating categories so that there is no segregation between the private and public institutions. It shouldn’t sound like just a consolation prize. Whether it is public or private, the competition needs to be on par with the set criteria. 

The event is good for the rating and ranking of B-schools. I would recommend for an audit which would give much more credibility to the event. Having an audit done will raise fewer questions about the jury.  

Hopefully, this award should encourage the institutions to do better but simply encouraging is not enough. B-schools of Nepal are still far from the standard that we need to achieve. Nobody is investing on this aspect. 

3rd Best B-School (MBA) 
3rd Best B-School (BBA)​

“We provide education in best learning environment” ​

Sabina Tuladhar,  Senior Assistant Professor, MBA coordinator, South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM) Sabina Tuladhar, 
Senior Assistant Professor, MBA coordinator, South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM) 

We have been working hard to provide quality education to the students. A b-school needs to bridge the gap between the job market and the human resource. This award is a motivation for us to work harder. We deserve this because our approach in education is just not on theoretical knowledge but it also practical cognizance. We teach our students with a certainty that their competency, intelligence and work ethics will be well-evaluated while they step into the job market after their graduation. So, whether its BBA or MBA, we focus on grooming the students on these three points. 

Our institution’s special features include the learning environment for our students. The relation is cordial between the students and the teachers that helps in creating an environment conducive to learning and prepares them to face any challenge in the future. We also focus on emotional and human values while teaching them. We also help students to develop a positive attitude so that they can have an optimistic outlook on their professional and personal lives. As for our future plans, we have plans to open evening MBA 
classes soon. The overall program was good. Although it started a bit late, it wrapped up on time. And we are happy to see all the intellectuals and educationists out here tonight. 


Best B-School (MBS) ​

“Our approach of practical education has helped us win the award”​

Ramesh Kumar Silwal, CEO, GoldenGate International SchoolRamesh Kumar Silwal
CEO, GoldenGate International School

This award is the fruit of the hard work of our administration, the principal, the faculty and the students. This is recognition of our efforts. But this achievement has also put the onus on us to work even harder and to provide better education on-par with the international standards. Winning the title definitely has encouraged us to push even harder to become winners in the future. 

In 2013, our college was the winner in the overall education category. In the recent years, the criteria have changed. While we do not just provide BBA or MBA courses, we also engage the students in practical approaches in addition to the studies. The main idea is to make students think outside the box making them curious as well as innovative. Our college not only offers credit courses, it also provides non-credit courses as well. Every Friday, we bring in experts to talk about banking, finance, insurance, and sometimes researchers and industrial experts to help the students get better understanding about the business areas. This approach helps them to develop their practical knowledge. Similarly, we also do simulation programmes. I think these features have made us the winner of this year’s award.

We have one of the highest numbers of students in Nepali colleges, not only in the management faculty but in other faculties as well. We have seven programmes in post-graduation, 16 in graduation and three in higher secondary levels. This year, we plan to add three to five more programmes in different levels. 

The initiative taken by New Business Age is highly commendable. It would be great if the same type of awards can be provided to other sectors of education. This could be an effective way to aware Nepalis about the academic programmes that Nepali educational institutions have to offer. 

Best B-School (Public) 
2nd best B-School (MBS)​

“Our aim is to produce good women business leaders”​

Prof Renuka Joshi, Campus Chief, Padma Kanya CampusProf Renuka Joshi
Campus Chief, Padma Kanya Campus

It is really a matter of pride to get the best title for one of the oldest colleges in Nepal which has been continuously thriving to empower girls through quality education. This college was established earlier than TU in 2008 BS and now, we have been running many management courses with an aim to produce good women business leaders. These kinds of awards encourage us, and especially for public colleges, this is a very good motivation to move forward towards excellent education. We want to work together with the media sector and corporate sector so that we can groom the girl students to become CEOs and entrepreneurs in the future. 





Best B-School (BBA) 

“Fostering business education in Nepal”​

Professor Pushpa Raj Adhikary, Academic Director, Kathmandu College of Management (KCM) CollegeProfessor Pushpa Raj Adhikary
Academic Director, Kathmandu College of Management (KCM) College

We have been continuously trying to create a good business school in Nepal. So, it is a matter of great satisfaction that our efforts have been appreciated by this publication house, experts and the public. The programme was good and encouraging for the academic institutions engaged in fostering business education in Nepal. Nonetheless, had there been at least a professor of management in your jury, it would have been much better. 








Best B-School (BBS) ​

“Jury members’ need to interact with faculties to get the real picture”​

Anil Kedia, Chairman, DAV CollegeAnil Kedia
Chairman, DAV College

We have always made efforts to give an entrepreneurial environment to our students from their college level so that they can have a good understanding on entrepreneurship and business in the future. Being an entrepreneur, I understand that the real requirements and criteria for an employer and employee cannot just be gained through textual knowledge. Therefore, we always teach in such a way that makes our students become independent and self-reliant. The event was uplifting for colleges which have been continuously attempting to produce good business leaders. However, I would also like to suggest that it would have been better if the jury members had visited the colleges and interacted with the faculties to get the real picture. 




2nd Best B-School (BBS)​

“Fair selection process”​

Gopal Khanal, CEO, Nepal Mega College  Gopal Khanal
CEO, Nepal Mega College  

I am very thankful to New Business Age for our first title. The oganiser has done something very unique by organising such awards. In addition to that, I really appreciate the confidentiality maintained by the jury in selecting the colleges. The title has encouraged us to refine our performance in the future. 







Best B-School (BBS)
Out of Kathmandu​

“Feeling proud after receiving award” ​

Shiva Prasad Paudel,  Chairman, Balkumari CollegeShiva Prasad Paudel 
Chairman, Balkumari College 

We are thankful to the jury members and New Business Age for selecting us as the best business school from outside the valley. The award has made us feel proud and has made us more responsible for the coming days. We will keep on trying to deliver the best education so that we will be able to become the best business school of Nepal. 








Best B-School (Tourism and Hotel Management) 

“Thank you, New Business Age!”​

Samjhana Basnyat, Principal, International School of Tourism and Hotel Management (ISTHM) Samjhana Basnyat
Principal, International School of Tourism and Hotel Management (ISTHM) 

Recognition and hard work always pays back. The award has given us encouragement and pressure to be the best all the time and to give our best all the time. We would like to thank New Business Age for coming up with this kind of initiative in the education sector as people engaged in this sector felt duly recognized and awarded.  In my view, there are so many faculties and so the magazine could bring them under one umbrella. The idea would be even better as other faculties are also equally important these days. We are specialized in hotel management but having said that, hotel management covers more of business management course. We will be coming up with business management courses in the near future. 






Narendra Bajracharya, CEO, ISTHM Narendra Bajracharya

I remember the first Business School Award organised by New Business Age in which we were awarded with the title of Best Tourism and Hotel Management School. Having won the best position this time too, we feel new responsibilities have come on our shoulders. Not only the award, but we have also won the trust of our students who have chosen us to make their future in the tourism and hotel management sector. The best part of the business school award was that the jury didn't let us know about the selection process. They observed the facilities and facts by themselves. The rating and ranking feels authentic and the process is very pertinent and unbiased. 





2nd Best B-School (Tourism and Hotel Management) ​

“More efforts to enhance ourselves next year”​

 Arun Kumar KC, Principal, Nesfield International College
Arun Kumar KC
Principal, Nesfield International College

I would like to thank New Business Age which organised this programme.  The programme is quite relevant in today's context. This event has helped to encourage and motivate the ones who have won the titles and it has given an opportunity for reflection and improvement to those who did not get the titles. We are pleased to receive the award.  The credit for this goes to our students, guardians, faculties, college administration, jury members and the organiser. This event has given us an opportunity to meet and interact with other similar educational institutions. With the best award this year, we would put on more efforts to enhance ourselves next year. 





3rd Best B-School (Tourism and Hotel Management)​

“More award categories need to be added ”

Dev Raj Shrestha, Principal, South Asian School of Tourism and Hotel Management (SASTHM) Dev Raj Shrestha,
Principal, South Asian School of Tourism and Hotel Management (SASTHM) 

The award surprised us and definitely motivated us to do much better in the field of education. The award has also encouraged us to improve. The award category needs to be updated according to the needs and requirements to become more dynamic. In Japan, there is a term called ‘Kaizen’ which means keep up with continuous improvement and I relate the theory here for the continuation of this programme as it was really nice. 








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