Feedback February 2015

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iPhone 6: An All-Round Performance 
The product review of iPhone 6 printed in the January issue of New Business Age is well-written and provides comprehensive information about the device. The article fully details the features of the latest iPhone, with just the right amount of technical jargon to provide a solid performance review without being too obsessive. Of course, some readers are bound to struggle in understanding all the technical details this article provides (which are necessary to write a good and comprehensive technological product review), but it clearly illustrates all the pros and cons of the product and how it is better (or worse) than its competitors. Its comparisons and details are relevant to the Nepali market, which is yet another victory for the writer.
- Pranav Shrestha, Kupandole
Tie is an Evergreen Fashion Statement
The story ‘Tie Fashion-Is it dead?’ was an interesting read. The writer has used examples to show the extinction of the use of tie as a part of the formal attire. I agree with the writer that the fondness for tie in the workplace is declining and people are slowly opting for more casual outfits. However, I believe that tie has always and will always remain a fashion statement. Wearing a tie is simply a matter of choice. Tie is an accessory that never goes out of style irrespective of the season or the trending fashion. In formal attire like suit, the tie is pretty much the one variable that pulls the entire suit together and fetches more respect from friends, foes and strangers. Tie is also often linked to confidence and it adds spark to the looks. History has shown that tie is a fashion statement that has lasted for decades and still holds the same significance.
- Shankar Karki, Chabahil, Kathmandu
MBA in Entrepreneurship
I am a working businessman with a bachelor’s degree in management.  I wanted to continue my higher studies, pursuing a course which would boost my career as well.  The MBA Entrepreneurship programme run by King’s College seems like a good option for a person like me. This course is a good initiative by Kings College. In the country’s education system where almost every educational institution is focusing on producing job-seekers, this programme is producing job-creators.
Moreover, the college’s effort to help students establish their own ventures through financial support in the form of interest-free loan and other supports is really commendable. This is a good effort to promote entrepreneurship in the country. 
The country needs more such programmes.
- Ramesh Subedi, Chabahil
Resumption of Fashion Column a Welcome Move
I am a regular reader of your magazine and it was really good to see the fashion column resumed from the January issue. This page serves as a refreshing column amidst the business and economic columns. I hope to see more interesting stories on fashion and lifestyle in the coming issues. I think stories on corporate fashion and lifestyle would suit your magazine the best. 
Hope the column will continue in the coming issues.
- Sabina Phuyal, Balaju
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