No Laughing Matter

The Taste of Federalism

The rituals to bring federalism in Nepal are over now. Now, the power to govern has reached the villages in the country where various types of governments have been formed. Earlier, there was only one type of government - the one at Singha . . . Read more »

From the Editor

Nepal-India Power Barter

The Nepal India energy secretarial level Joint Steering Committee (JSC) meeting is expected to commence soon once the Nepal’s government takes a full shape. It is understood that one of the focal . . . Read more »

Nepal Politics

Expectations from the New Government

Going by the previous precedents, there are abundant cases and examples to substantiate that the succeeding governments took several decisions on the retention, transfer and promotion of the civil . . . Read more »


Biztoon March 2018

Biztoon March . . . Read more »


Voices March 2018

Voices March . . . Read more »

Corporate Movements

Corporate Movements March 2018

Corporate Movements March . . . Read more »

Liquor Indicators

Liquor Indicators March 2018

Liquor Indicators March . . . Read more »


CrossWord March 2018

CrossWord March . . . Read more »


Dataspeak March 2018

Dataspeak March . . . Read more »

Stock Taking

Monthly Technical Analysis of Nepse (23 January to 22 February 2018)

The benchmark index continued its downfall in the course of last month. Nepse declined by 15.11 points (or down 1.02%) to close at 1386.98. The index moving below the 50-day and the 200-day moving average indicates bearish momentum in the . . . Read more »

Living +

SWITCH : How to change things when change is hard

For any change to happen, someone has to decide something and start acting differently. It can be you, your team or even your . . . Read more »

Business Visitors

“Piaggio three-wheelers come with advanced technology and directly benefit both owners and passengers”

Piaggio is a global auto producer which is known for its last mile connectivity in business. The Italian company has generations of expertise in manufacturing three-wheelers and two-wheelers. It is the owner of renowned three-wheeler brand Ape and two-wheeler brands such as Vespa, Aprillia, Moto Guzzi, Derbi, and . . . Read more »

Vaastu For Business

Vaastu Shastra : Significance of Toilet Locations

Vaastu is a very wide term and encompasses various fields. Ranging from structural balancing to balancing the land energies, managing geopathic stresses, placement of objects and activities or usage . . . Read more »


“We have a five-year plan to mobilise Rs 36 billion in 31 projects of total capacity 3,237 MW”

Hydropower Investment and Development Company Limited (HIDCL) was established in 2011 by the government as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to expedite hydropower development by forging partnerships . . . Read more »


Sabal Chandra Shah : Aiming High

True entrepreneurship is showing the zeal to step into areas that are different from one’s academic or professional background. Sabal Chandra Shah, managing director of Garud Securities is among . . . Read more »

Restaurant Review

Alpas: A Mix of Elegance and the Casual

Located on a side street in Lazimpat, Alpas is an excellent, creative, and modern restaurant with an ever-changing menu listing some unusual dishes. Opened only six months ago, this restaurant, over . . . Read more »


Specialist Gastro Care at Norvic

Norvic Hospital has adopted a new approach to provide better diagnosis and treatment to gastro patients in the light of increasing gastronomic diseases. The hospital has recently opened the 'Department of General, Gastro Intestinal and Laparoscopic Surgery' . . . Read more »


Loyalty Programmes : Offering Customers More

In today’s highly competitive environment, businesses strive to build their brands and expand services by establishing strong customer relationships. Customer loyalty programmes have become an . . . Read more »

Business Education

MHM : Excellence in Hospitality Studies

In the last few years, the hotel industry in Nepal has attracted more and more investment. Nepali entrepreneurs are opening new hotels, expanding existing ones and have partnered with several . . . Read more »


“Coaching has now become a value-addition tool to empower employees for their personal growth”

For Sudeep Basnet, after more than a decade of experiencing corporate leadership training programmes, coaching became an area he had to explore himself. Basnet, a lead trainer at Success Inc. has . . . Read more »

Organisational Management

Mismanagement of Human Capital Risk : A Major Leadership Issue

Two important elements of leadership which are radically dependent upon the particular theoretical approach used: The extent to which uncertainty could and should be eliminated from the appraisal . . . Read more »

Hospitality Focus

Temple Tiger Green Jungle Resort : Best in Wildlife Tourism

Established in 1989, Temple Tiger Green Jungle Resort is a pioneer in Nepal’s wildlife tourism. Originally situated in Chitwan National Park, the resort was re-located to the buffer zone area at . . . Read more »

Corporate Focus

Neco Insurance : Broadening its Business Horizon

Established in 1994, Neco Insurance expects to become the most preferred general insurance company in Nepal. The company which is promoted by Rastriya Banijya Bank, Mahato Group, Vinayak Group and . . . Read more »

Corporate Focus

Cosmic Electrical : Powering Nepal through Reliable Grid Development

At a time when Nepal is observing rapid progress in hydropower development, one 17 year old company has been helping the country in its drive to electrification. Established in 2000, Cosmic . . . Read more »

Cover Story

Securing Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) plays a vital role for economies to thrive in today’s competitive world. Countries have been adopting rigorous legal and technical measures to secure the . . . Read more »

Cover Story

Trademark Administration in Nepal

A trademark often referred to as a ‘creation of the mind’ is an intellectual property. UK law defines a trademark as “a sign capable of being represented graphically which is capable of . . . Read more »

Cover Story

Experts Views on Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property (IP) is an essential tool for the economic development of any country. Four factors that drive the engine of IP smoothly are creation, promotion, protection and use of IP. In Nepal, there is no dearth of creative activities coming out from academic and research organisations as well as technical professionals who produce literary, artistic, musical and scientific . . . Read more »

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