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The Meaningfulness of the Monetary Policy

At a time when the government has failed to add any meaningful momentum to the country’s economy hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic through the Federal Budget, the central bank has reignited the hopes of the private sector by announcing a slew of relief and rescue measures to help the . . . Read more »

No Laughing Matter

Why End Corruption?

Nobody admits to it. Everybody protests when others do it. But there’s hardly anybody who doesn’t do it. What is it? The answer is – corruption! If it is something that everybody does, why go . . . Read more »


eMagazine August 2020

eMagazine August . . . Read more »


Biztoon August 2020

Biztoon August . . . Read more »


Feedback August 2020

Feedback August . . . Read more »


Voices August 2020

Voices August . . . Read more »


Crossword August 2020

Crossword August . . . Read more »

Corporate Movements

Corporate Movements August 2020

Corporate Movements August . . . Read more »

Liquor Indicators

Liquor Indicators August 2020

Liquor Indicators August . . . Read more »

Liquor Indicators




“NSBL is currently focused on investing in its IT platform capabilities and establishing strategic tie ups across the world”

The first Nepal-India joint venture bank Nepal SBI Bank Limited (NSBL) recently celebrated its 27th anniversary. Over the years, the bank has established itself as a major player in the Nepali . . . Read more »

Women at Work

Niti Joshi : Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Art and Craft

Born to famous artist Ramananda Joshi, she grew up in a very artistic environment. Seeing her father paint had created a kind of interest and attraction towards art in her. “My father used to say . . . Read more »

Nepal Politics

Upcoming NCP, NC General Conventions and Intra-Party Politics

Amid growing pressure to resign as both party chair and prime minister, KP Sharma Oli in mid-July floated the idea of holding the unified general convention. The proposal was backed by the party’s . . . Read more »


Bringing Thamel Back from the Brink

On a regular Friday, Kathmandu Burger, situated in a prime spot in Thamel, would be packed with customers. The burger house that started its operation four years ago would make average transactions . . . Read more »

Organisational Management

Post Covid-19 Organisational Crisis Management

Crisis management is both a practical and tactical way of carrying on business activities through applying diversity in business. Basically, crisis management is about being prepared to face the . . . Read more »

Organisational Management

The Bad in the “Nice Person” Culture

Of all superhero alter-egos, I always had a little more sympathy for Peter Parker (adapted by Sam Raimi). Not because of his unrequited love for Mary Jane Watson (for most movies) or that most people . . . Read more »

Life and Career

SANJIB SUBBA : The Man for All Seasons

Sanjib Subba’s storied and multi-faceted career speaks to one of his fundamental tenets as both an individual and a professional - the yearning for a challenge; the drive and desire to learn, adapt . . . Read more »

Startup Scene

SMARTPALIKA : Digitising Local Governance

With the progress in information technology and the Internet, many governments around the world have started the concept of eGovernance in regard with public service delivery and conveyance. However, . . . Read more »


Nepal’s Import of Agricultural Commodities

Nepal government has given due priority to agriculture since its first periodical plan. Fertile land and abundant water resources are regarded as the god-gifted assets of the Nepali agricultural . . . Read more »

Economic Diplomacy

SHIV RATAN SHARDA : Endeavours in Economic Diplomacy

In today’s highly integrated world where ties between countries are defined by their trade relationship and cooperation between them rather than conventional alliances, economy and diplomacy go . . . Read more »

Economy and Policy

Digital Service Tax and the New World Tax Order Post-Pandemic

The United States has unilaterally pulled out from negotiations on OECD’s effort to forge a global consensus on taxation of digital services. The US Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin’s . . . Read more »

Cover Story Interview

“Nepal cannot afford reciprocal and equal treatment to Indian citizens in respect of economic and trade opportunities”

With more than 1800 kms of open border, it is natural for Nepal and India to have greater trade, investment and economic linkages. The dimension of socio-economic relation is multifold. It is not only about the trade and remittance. . . . Read more »

Cover Story

The Truth Behind Nepal-India Trade Relations

Whenever Nepal-India bilateral relations come under strain, Nepal's economic dependence with the southern neighbour is often highlighted. Indian experts say the open border, transit access through . . . Read more »

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