Glacial Lake Destabilized after Avalanche Returning to Normal State   

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 Glacial Lake Destabilized after Avalanche Returning to Normal State   

April 22: Birendra Tal, a glacial lake at the base of Mt Manaslu in Samagaun, northern Gorkha has gradually started to return to its normal state. The lake was destabilized after a huge avalanche originating on Mt Manaslu hit it on Sunday morning, leading to an overflow.    
"As a result of the overflow of the lake due to the avalanche, the excess water gushed downstream into the Budhigandaki River. Now, the situation is normal and the lake is gradually returning to its previous condition," said Bhola Dahal, the Chief District Officer of Gorkha.    
According to him, the overflow of the lake following the avalanche did not cause any significant physical and human losses as there is no settlement near the lake.    
CDO Dahal informed that the avalanche has already stopped.    
"The sudden increase in water flow in the Budhigandaki River due to the avalanche washed away a wooden bridge on the way to Samdo from Samagaun which is about half an hour's trek from the lake," said Dahal, the Chief District Officer, adding that except this there were no other humanitarian or physical damages due to the lake overflow.

Dahal said that the security personnel have dug a deep trench from the lake and drained out the water.    
A massive avalanche had fallen into the Birendra Tal situated below Mt Manaslu on Sunday. Following the incident, the District Administration Office had alerted the people living near the Budhigandaki River to remain alert and to not to venture near the river. -- RSS   


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