Foreign Employment Desk Removed at TIA

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Foreign Employment Desk Removed at TIA

February 1: The government has removed the desk placed at Tribhuvan International Airport for people going for foreign employment. Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Dol Prasad Aryal said that this move was taken to ensure that there is no discrimination against those who go for foreign employment.

At a press conference held at the Ministry on Tuesday, Minister Aryal said that from now onwards, there will be just one queue for all travelers including students, tourism, professional and those opting for foreign employment. According to him, the desk set up for foreign employment hurt the self-esteem of Nepali going abroad for employment.

Minister Aryal further said that the call center at the Ministry of Labor has been converted into a four-hour labor assistance center because it is related to laborers living inside and outside Nepal. He said that the time card of all labor-related work will be implemented within 6 months to listen to the complaints and problems of the workers. He said that the ministry has prepared an action plan to resolve the labor-related complaints within the specified time. He said that if the problem is not solved even in six months, he will seek explanations from the government employees.


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