Monsoon-Induced Incidents Obstruct 28 Roads across the Country   

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Monsoon-Induced Incidents Obstruct 28 Roads across the Country   

September 27: Six roads across the country were completely obstructed while 22 others were partially closed due to monsoon-induced disasters on Monday.    
According to the state-owned national news agency RSS, yhe obstructed roads include Sanphebagar-Martadi-Kolti road, Balaju-Trishuli-Dhunche-Syaphrubensi road, Siddhartha Highway, Dumre-Bensisahar road, Karnali Highway, Surkhet Tallo Dungeshwor-Dullu road and Pipalkot-Khulalu-Manma-Nagma-Jumla road.    
One-way traffic has been allowed in the 22 partially obstructed roads including Koshi Highway, Prithvi Highway, Pushpalal Mid-Hill Highway, Siddhartha Highway, Araniko Highway and Bheri Corridor, while efforts were being made to reopen the completely blocked roads by the time this news was prepared.

Citing government officials, RSS reported that excavators have been deployed to remove debris, and discussions with locals were underway to create diversions.    
Transportation services on at least 145 roads obstructed due to rain-induced incidents this year have resumed completely, said the Department of Roads, adding that workforces and required equipment have been mobilized to reopen the obstructed roads.    

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