Lucrative Market of Electric Kitchen Appliances

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Lucrative Market of Electric Kitchen Appliances

Electric kitchen appliances are likely to dominate the Nepali kitchens soon as electricity-based cooking systems are comparatively cheaper than LPG fueled ones as the hope of reliable electricity supply in Nepal is gradually picking up. Nepal's import figures of such appliances indicate how Nepali kitchens are gradually shifting from traditional and fossil-fueled systems to electricity-based systems in the near future.

Over the past 13 years, Nepal's import of electric kitchen appliances has grown at a rate of approximately 19 percent per annum.  Such a lucrative market should not be overlooked, and appropriate policy should be formulated to meet the demand from domestic production. Establishing assembling industries in Nepal is the first step toward becoming self-reliant in this sector.

The main challenge is to compete with cheap Chinese electric kitchen appliances. To strengthen the presence of domestic products, after-sales services can be the determining factor. Providing efficient after-sales services to customers can increase the competitive edge over Chinese products.

(Bajgain is a Senior Officer at TEPC.)

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