Toyam Raya set to Become Auditor General

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Toyam Raya set to Become Auditor General

Toyam Raya has been recommended as the new Auditor General of Nepal. The meeting of the Constitutional Council on March 31 decided to recommend Raya's name to the President. The vacancy in the post arose upon the completion of Tanka Mani Sharma’s tenure in May of last year, leaving a crucial position to be filled within the national administration. Currently serving as the Secretary at the National Statistics Office, Raya had earlier served as Finance Secretary last year when Bishnu Poudel was the Finance Minister.

After being promoted to the Secretary post, he initially served as the Chief Secretary of Bagmati Province. Following this, he held positions within the Authority Abuse Investigation Commission and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supply as Secretary. He is known to have close ties with the UML. As joint secretary, Raya held various roles within the Ministry of Finance for an extended period. He served in leadership positions in various tax offices and held positions as Deputy Director in the Internal Revenue Department and Director General in the Customs Department. A total of 15 individuals submitted applications for the position of Auditor General. 

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