Career @ Daraz

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Career @ Daraz

The working culture at Daraz is modern and prioritises employee well-being and job satisfaction above all else.

BY Priyanka Mandal

Daraz has already become a household name in Nepal. Since its establishment in 2012, Daraz has earned the trust of many customers and experienced significant growth in size. It serves as the ultimate Nepali e-commerce website, catering to a wide range of customer needs. The platform offers a diverse selection of products, including clothing, electronics, mobile phones, home and living items, health and beauty products, and much more. The number of customers choosing Daraz has consistently been on the rise, with a trajectory that shows no signs of slowing down. Daraz is not only known for its services as an e-commerce platform but is also emerging as a pioneer in terms of employment opportunities. In the current challenging economic climate, where many companies are forced to lay off employees, Daraz stands out by consistently offering new job openings. Unlike many other organisations, Daraz maintains an average of around 28 vacant positions, providing employment opportunities to individuals while the market continues to thrive.

According to Kriti Shrestha, Senior Manager of the People and Organisation Department at Daraz, the company has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2012. “The company that started with a handful of employees is now providing employment to over 900 individuals at various levels. This number further surges during various campaigns like Dashain Campaign, 11:11, etc,” said Shrestha. It is not surprising that there is a large pool of individuals seeking opportunities at Daraz. Daraz, being a well-established company in Nepal, provides a wide range of job opportunities for seekers. According to Shrestha, the available positions at Daraz span from on-site associates to corporate communication managers and strategy managers across various departments. Hiring and ensuring job satisfaction is not a big deal for the corporates. How is Daraz different then? Shresthe explains, “The prime difference is that the company does not give utter preference to its internal staff while hiring. Despite the provisions of raise and other facilities, the employees still need to compete openly with new candidates as well, ensuring that the position gets occupied by the most fitting candidate regardless of their background.” This practice of promoting open competition for positions is commendable, as it ensures that only deserving candidates are selected, creating a more competitive talent pool and encouraging job seekers to enhance their skills. Another notable feature of Daraz is its strong focus on hiring fresh graduates and cultivating a workforce not just focused on the company but on teaching about e-commerce as a whole right from the scratch. "Nepal lacks ample manpower required in the e-commerce sector, making it difficult to find suitable candidates for the senior level positions, making this approach effective so far. Daraz frequents job fairs, makes the fresh graduates aware of the opportunities and guides them towards their potential career while providing all the necessary training,” Shrestha added. The primary challenge in filling these vacant positions lies in identifying the right individual for the role. To address this, Daraz employs various methods such as posting vacancies on its official website to advertising at job fairs, ensuring widespread visibility and increasing the chances of finding the ideal candidate. Shrestha expressed concern over the general perception among people that the e-commerce sector needs and only hires individuals whose educational background is from the management stream.

“Daraz is the right platform for any job seeker. If they are in the right capacity, they can easily land the right position,” she said, clarifying that the e-commerce sector requires human resources from every stream of education, not just management. If the company finds capable applicants who do not fit within the job categories of the company, the company creates the position that is suitable for them. Daraz is one of the few companies that is trying to change the organisational working culture. Unlike the traditional organisational system of strict hierarchies, Daraz is moving ahead with different norms. Instead of hierarchies, the company is divided into departments with regular positions and keeps just a thin line between each position. Each of the opinions and ideas are welcomed, valued and highly appreciated. Even an entry-level employee can pitch in their ideas without the compulsion of blindly following the managers. Daraz is an excellent platform for the younger generation preparing to enter the corporate world, offering opportunities to gain knowledge, enhance skills, and build a career. Once people join the company, they may discover that the assigned department or the e-commerce industry as a whole may not be the right fit for them. It is natural to assume that the company would take various measures to retain the employee, considering the investment of time and resources in their e-commerce training. However, Daraz takes a different approach. It aims to develop a workforce that can drive overall change in the nation, rather than confining individuals who are not interested. Shrestha elaborates that this is one of the reasons why there are consistently vacant positions at Daraz. Many fresh graduates pursue higher education, go abroad, or realise that the e-commerce field is not suitable for them, leading to vacant positions and providing more opportunities for new job seekers. Applicants often say the hiring process at Daraz is unnecessarily long. They state that it can take several months before receiving a response. Shrestha clarified that this is to ensure that the position goes to the most deserving candidate. Depending on the position, the hiring process may range from two months to as long as six months. The core value of Daraz in the context of human resources is to hire the right people which justifies the duration of the process. Daraz is strongly committed to maintaining the aforementioned trends in the future as well. The company aims to attract individuals from diverse backgrounds, nurture effective managers and leaders who can make an impact not only within Daraz but also across various sectors, and promote inclusivity to the fullest extent. Shrestha said that their primary focus for the future is to provide employment opportunities to individuals returning from foreign employment.

“We welcome those who are willing to come back to Nepal. We are eager to assist them in returning to the country with employment opportunities. They can apply for a job, which will be followed by a virtual hiring process. They can make their way to Nepal only after their employment is secured,” she added. The working culture at Daraz is undeniably modern and prioritises employee well-being and job satisfaction above all else. The company places a strong emphasis on inclusivity and fosters a fun and engaging work environment. With the exception of campaign periods, Daraz offers maximum flexibility to its staff, encouraging a healthy work-life balance. This approach aims to maximise productivity and efficiency from employees while preventing burnout. Job seekers, regardless of their level or background, have the opportunity to thrive in their careers at Daraz.

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