Karan Chaudhary's 17 Day Cross Country Business Trip

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Karan Chaudhary's 17 Day Cross Country Business Trip

Karan Chaudhary, executive director of CG Holdings, is a passionate businessman and a travel and food enthusiast. He says flights bore him while road trips help fulfil his wanderlust. He says road trips are a form of relaxation therapy for him. Chaudhary, who is recently married, names Rara, Shey Phukshundo and Tilicho as destinations on his wish list he hopes to visit with his newly married wife. Tamish Giri of New Business Age Magazine caught up with Chaudhary to note down his memorable business trip.  

Business versus Pleasure  
I frequently travel for business trips, and it’s been almost five years since I have been on a journey for pleasure. I travel nearly 10 to 15 days a month to various parts of the country for business. This has allowed me the opportunity to explore Nepal. One of the things I regret is not visiting Muktinath, Mustang and many other vacation destinations. However, for business, I have been to all the places where our company dealers are located.

Memorable Business Trip
Every trip leaves a distinct mark in my memory, but the business trip across Nepal was undoubtedly an experience worth cherishing. During this trip, we were in our vehicles for seventeen days, from the time we got out of our office until we returned to Kathmandu. The fleet of cars carrying my team covered the entire East-West highway of the country. As part of the trip, we reached Dhodara Chadani Bridge in the far West and the famous Panitanki in Kakarvvita, the Eastern border of Nepal.

I discussed my business plans with the team, and we worked hard during the daytime and partied until late in the evening throughout the trip. We stopped at places to discover the many stunning landscapes and to bathe in the local culture. The trip was special for me because it gave me an opportunity to get close to my teams and dealers all across the country. We enjoyed the road trip together.     

Best Part of the Trip
The trip lasted for about 17 days and spending time with my team throughout the duration of the journey was undoubtedly the aspect I treasured the most. Since we were on a business trip, we used to sit down together every evening to talk about our work during the day and then establish a plan for the following day. The team followed the same, and I tried to keep them happy and maintain a healthy atmosphere. In the end, the trip turned out to be a family cum business trip.     

Special Cuisines
I am an avid food lover, so I don’t miss out on local specialities anywhere I go. Different places have different dishes to offer. Dubka Dal that was offered to me in Dadheldura was something I had never experienced before. While it didn’t appear particularly appealing, it was delicious, and I greatly enjoyed it. Further, I enjoyed eating the food (Dal Bhat) in Dhakeri; we actually finished their entire food over there. Apart from the food offered by the roadside hotels throughout the trip, the Ghee and Pedas in the east were mouth-watering and appetising.

The trip was taxing at it was a long journey; spending seventeen days on the road is not an easy job. Also, continuously moving from place to place makes thing harder. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep as I was not in my own bed. During the trip, I was either continuously driving, or in an office or a bed, I didn’t have time to myself. The time to relax finally came when I got back home and took a couple of days off from work to rest. It was only then I realised that the tour was quite long yet I smiled looking back at the memories.

New Experience
Every new trip is a unique experience for me because I love food and travelling to a new destination brings me close to a new cuisine. During this trip, I tasted many new delicacies. Everyone on the team made each other experience new delicacies or introduced each other to unique places. I would have missed out on these things had I not travelled with them. Further, the landscape and culture also vary according to the place. We observed the variation in every new place we crossed on the road; this indeed was a unique experience for me.

Prerequisites and Suggestions     
Make sure you pack all necessities before leaving for a voyage; otherwise, you will regret it later. I have many instances when I have regretted something, forgetting to pack things properly. Travelling is instinctive. Everyone should keep their plans flexible and go with the flow rather than trying to force a trip.


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