Air Pollution Pose Serious Health Risk for Children and Women

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Air Pollution Pose Serious Health Risk for Children and Women

April 29: A recent study conducted by Save the Children has shown that the recent increase in air pollution has increased various health risks among children and women.

According to the study conducted by Save the Children, various health related problems such as asthma, lung and breathing problems, cough, skin irritation have appeared due to air pollution. The report mentions that it has had an adverse effect on the development of children, as well as problems in the health of pregnant women and a decrease in the average life expectancy.

Ayush Joshi, director of communication and media of Save the Children, said that the study was conducted in Kathmandu and Saptari, which are among the districts most affected by air pollution in Nepal. He added that the study pointed out the need to analyze the overall welfare and development of children rather than looking at the effects of air pollution only in relation to health.

"We are concerned that educational opportunities may be lost and the family's livelihood may also be affected when schools are closed and it is difficult to walk outside due to air pollution. In addition, pollution seems to have seriously affected the lives of children, women and underrepresented groups," he said.

He said that since the existing development concept does not take into account the harmful effects of air pollution, it is necessary to take into account the lives of women, children and underrepresented groups in development.

The report emphasizes the need for a strong policy for the overall welfare of children, and emphasizes the need to spread awareness about such policies at the public level and to address environmental problems.




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