Corona Virus Likely to Affect Nepal's Tourism

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Corona Virus Likely to Affect Nepal's Tourism
This chart taken from Statista shows detailed information of Corona virus, which was first detected in Wuhan of China recently. Photo Credit: Statista.

January 24: The outbreak of Corona virus, which was firstly detected in Wuhan of China, is likely to affect Nepal’s tourism sector. Since a number of tourists from China are increasing in Nepal in the recent years, stakeholders have emphasizes on staying alert about the contamination of the new flu.

China ranked second only behind India in terms of tourists visiting Nepal in 2019. At a time when the government is promoting Visit Nepal 2020 campaign in the country, the outbreak of the virus may affect Nepal’s tourism, opined tourism entrepreneurs.

Till date, 17 people are said to have died from the virus in China and more than 500 are confirmed to have contracted the deadly virus.

President of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) Khum Subedi said that the outbreak of the virus will directly affect Nepal’s tourism industry.

“This virus is really dangerous. Since a small thing can affect tourist’s psychology, we have to be aware of this flu,” he said.

Likewise, CEO of Pacific Asia Travel Association of Nepal (PATA) Suresh Singh Budal also stressed on the importance of precautionary measures to contain the spreading of the influenza.

Setting Help Desk for Preventing Virus Contamination

Meanwhile, the government has started installing help desks at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) to detect the virus. The desk was set up in collaboration with Teku-based Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (ECDC) under the Department of Health Services.  

At present, five health assistants under the supervision of a medical director are deployed for health check-up of the tourists entering Nepal through TIA.

Dr Bishnu Gautam, chief of the Epidemiology and Outbreak Management Section at ECDC, said that the help desk was set up earlier to detect Ebola virus is now looking after possible cases of Corona virus.

According to Gautam, there are two nurses, one medical director, para medic and one MBBS doctor for the tests.


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