Biratnagar Industrialists Demand An End to Government Indifference

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Biratnagar Industrialists Demand An End to Government Indifference

In a sign of increasing disquiet among members of the business community as a result of the government’s Covid-19 response and its crippling impacts to industrial and business activities, industrialists of Biratnagar have started to raise voices to draw attention of the government towards their grievances by hanging banners outside industrial and offices complexes. The banners that started appearing from the morning of May 27 reads the slogan, “Government! Industries and business that are the basis of economic development and employment are in crisis!!” The banners were displayed on the joint call by Morang Merchant Association (MMA), Chamber of Industries Morang (CIM) and Birat Trade Association (BTA).

Officials of the associations say they took the step against the government’s indifference towards the grief of business community. According to them, the move is aimed at pressurising the government to address the demands jointly presented by the main business bodies Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) and Nepal Chamber of Commerce (CNI). Banners have been displayed outside the offices of MMA, CIM and BTA. Similarly, various business houses, industrial enterprises and industries situated at Sunsari-Morang Industrial Corridor have also displayed the banners outside their gates.

Bhim Ghimire, president of CIM said that this step has been aimed towards putting pressure onto the government to address grievances of business community in the budget for fiscal year 2020/21. “We have been working to help the government to meet its aim of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis’ by generating employment opportunities and contributions to the country’s economy,” he said, adding, “Industries, which serve as base of economic prosperity, are in crisis at the moment. Therefore, the government must not show indifference towards the demands of business community members.”

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