“Quality Products, Competitive Prices and Services Will Give Us Edge Over Competitors”

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Nguyen Quang Hao Nguyen Quang Hao is the deputy general director of the Vietnam based SRC Tyres. Chosen as the “Famous Brand in 2013” by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI), the company has won many titles and awards and is renowned for its excellent quality and services. Hao was recently in Nepal to launch SRC tyres and tubes for four wheelers. In an interview with Angila Sharma of New Business Age, he talked about the company’s products and its strategy in Nepal. Excerpts:
Can you briefly tell us about your company and your visit to Nepal?
We are the first Vietnamese company to manufacture tyres. We have over five decades of experience in producing tubes and tyres. We manufacture aircraft, automobile, tractor, motorcycle, and bicycle tyres along with other technical rubber products. With an employee base of 1500, our annual turnover rests around 60 million US dollars.
We recently introduced our products in Nepal by joining hands with Pallavi Enterprise as our sole distributor here. My visit is aimed at introducing our products to the Nepali market. 
How do you evaluate the Nepali tyres and tubes market?
Nepali market is huge and has a lot of potential for each and every sector. Just like Vietnam, the roads here are also not in good condition. We believe our technology and experience of manufacturing tyres for such roads will fulfil the need of durable and strong tyres and tubes here. Additionally, our tyres are economical to use.Thus we see ourselves in a strong position in the Nepali tyres and tubes marketing in the next two years. 
What are the products you are pitching in initially?
For now, we are entering the Nepali market with four wheelers tyres only. We will be gradually introducing tyres and tubes for bicycle and motorcycle as well.
Why should Nepali consumers buy SRC tyres and tubes? 
SRC is one of the leading companies in manufacturing tyres and tubes. It has gained substantial experience in manufacturing high quality products. Due to its unrelenting focus on delivering quality products, for the past five years it has consistently ranked as the “Top-5 High quality products of Vietnam” in the vehicles and accessories industry segment.
Indian products dominate Nepali tubes and tyres market. How do you plan to overcome this stiff competition?
Our first and foremost strategy is to win over customers by providing quality products at affordable prices. Second is to retain them and win over their loyalty by providing the best customer service experience to them. Thus, we believe that the quality of our products, our service and competitive pricing will give us edge over our competitors to prevail in the competition.
What are your other plans for the Nepali market?
Presently we are introducing nylon tyres and tubes here. In the future, we have plans to introduce our radial tyres in Nepal. In this regard, we are setting up a factory back at home and look forward to make radial tyres available here soon. 

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