Sexy Settings

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--By Madan Lamsal
What is most popular these days in Nepal? You may say, it is betting or netting and dating. You may be right to some extent, but I say the most practiced thing is the setting. Let’s look it into more details.
Yes, betting is quite popular in Nepal’s share market. Till recent past, the Nepali casinos were ahead in betting than the share market. But as the setting in the casinos became a bit weak, share market was ahead in the betting game. The retail investors in Nepal’s share market buy or sell the stocks going by the grapevine than reading the balance sheets of the companies. This can be called betting. Therefore, when Dr Baburam Bhattarai became the Finance Minister, he had termed Nepal’s share market as a casino where betting is the mainstay. And he was not wrong. However, even the betting in share market will not yield returns if the setting is not right.
Again, it is true that dating after netting, such as checking facebook, is quite popular and it is personal and a most favoured pastime of most Nepalis - be a youth or a senior citizen. They seem to spend most of their productive three to four hours of their day or night in netting and dating. If they don’t spend few hours in netting, they feel they have missed a lot in their lives. Therefore, their eyes may be in one of the social sites. But again setting plays more dominant role also here. Netting and dating are not successful if the setting of the dating is not right.  
To be successful in Nepal in any field, especially in business and politics, you must know the art of setting. Otherwise you will fail. There is a special class in Nepali society which has become super rich just by the art of setting rather than by making a huge investment or knowledge of business. Therefore, setting is a new management mantra in Nepal. In fact, the management colleges should start teaching the art of setting to their students so that they are successful in their future profession as well as everyday life.
Nowadays, there are many news reports in the Nepali media that people, especially government officers, are caught or interrogated by the anti-corruption body, the CIAA. But the fact is that they were caught or interrogated just because they did not know the art of setting. Many who commit bigger wrongs are never caught because they know the art of setting.
If you look at it minutely, it is an open secret that nothing moves in Nepal if one doesn’t have proper setting in government offices or in the court, or in the company registrar’s office or the customs offices. Be it for receiving a license or getting a job transfer or promotion in the bureaucracy, the role of setting is paramount. So, more than the educational certificates or anything else, setting is the most important factor. If you don’t know this art, you may have to lose your job or your business also.
Nobody seems to have peeped deep to see why the constitution could not be made in the first Constituent Assembly. It was just because the setting among the top gang-of-four leaders of three parties could not happen. Even now, however hard the people or CA members harp on the new constitution string, if the setting among this gang-of-four is not proper, it will not happen again. This gang calls it ‘consensus’, but it is nothing but another word for setting. 
Therefore, this ‘setting’ is not only omnipresent and omnipotent, but also cool and sexy. Don’t you agree?

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