B&B Hospital Robotic Surgery: Myth & Reality

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Robotic surgery represents the pinnacle of minimally invasive surgery. It involves a surgeon using robotic arms, approximately the size of a pen, which are inserted through small ports in the patient's body. This technique allows for greater precision, flexibility, and control compared to traditional open or laparoscopic surgery.

Does a Robot Perform Surgery?

In reality, the surgeon controls the robotic arms from a console within the operating room. The surgeon's movements are transmitted to the instruments, enabling the execution of the surgery. Thus, while the robotic arms perform the surgery, they do so under the surgeon's command.

Why is it Called Robotic Surgery?

The term "robotic surgery" arises from the surgeon operating from a console away from the patient, giving the impression that the robot is performing the surgery. This advanced technology aids the surgeon in conducting precise and delicate procedures, leading to the alternative term "robotic-assisted surgery."

Comparison with Laparoscopic Surgery

Robotic surgery is an advanced form of laparoscopic surgery. The camera in robotic surgery offers 4K resolution and a three-dimensional view, enhancing the visualization of deep pelvic structures. This makes robotic surgery ideal for pelvic procedures involving the rectum, uterus, prostate, and urinary bladder.

Is Robotic Surgery Suitable for You?

Robotic surgery can be used for various procedures, including abdominal surgeries (such as those for gallstones, hernias, and kidney tumors), prostate cancer surgeries, uterus surgeries, and thoracic and neck surgeries. It is essential to discuss this option with your surgeon, who should explain its advantages and the available alternatives for your condition.

Cost of Robotic Surgery

While new technology is often expensive, the introduction of Indian-made robots has significantly reduced costs. Although still slightly more expensive than laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery is now more affordable and accessible. Considering the substantial expenses incurred by patients traveling abroad for robotic surgery, offering this service domestically could save the country millions in foreign currency. 

Dr. Dhan Vikram Karkee is a senior consultant in General and Laparoscopic Surgery at B and B Hospital. Under the mentorship of Dr. J L Baidya, Dr. Karkee has found immense motivation and growth in his profession. He believes that while surgery is a craft that can be learned, achieving mastery in it transforms it into an art form. The journey to becoming a surgeon is lengthy and demands commitment, passion, and the right mindset and skills. Dr. Karkee understands the profound privilege that comes with being a surgeon – the ability to heal, save lives, and bring hope and comfort to those in need. 

To him, the operating room is both a battleground and a sanctuary, where the delicate balance between life and death is navigated. He emphasizes that a surgeon is defined not by the scalpel, but by the sacred bond forged with the patient under their care. In his practice, Dr. Karkee always prioritizes the well-being of his patients. He ensures they receive excellent care with equity and integrity, finding immense joy in witnessing their recovery from pain and seeing them smile again—an inexplicable feeling for him. Dr. Karkee places great importance on treating patients with respect and ensuring their safety at all times. He firmly believes in the virtues of seriousness and diligence, acknowledging that recognizing one's limitations is crucial for achieving perfection. 

Dr. Karkee understands that surgical success hinges on meticulous planning to mitigate initial mistakes. His approach as a surgeon is characterized by warmth, professionalism, and a commitment to understanding his patients' needs, delivering evidence-based surgical care whenever possible. 

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