B&B Plus: Excellence in Health Treatment

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B&B Plus: Excellence in Health Treatment

B&B Hospital, a multi-speciality hospital recently introduced its new extension, B&B Plus, aiming to deliver superior world-class healthcare services within Nepal. Featuring a state-of-the-art modular operating theatre, one of the most advanced in the city, B&B Plus also offers modern ICU and HDU facilities, a well-equipped casualty department, contemporary private wards, advanced imaging technologies, and a comfortable outpatient department. These amenities ensure the best possible outcomes for every patient under its care. B&B Hospital collaborates closely with a team of proficient healthcare professionals, including anaesthetists, nurses and operating department practitioners. From the emergency department to the ICU, and operating theatres to wards, B&B Hospital has made significant investments in state-of-the-art technology and medical personnel. 

Dr Niraj Lal Baidya is a Consultant General & Laparoscopic GI Surgeon at B&B Hospital. He specialises in Minimally Invasive Surgery, particularly Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, commonly known as gallbladder surgery. Gallstone disease is prevalent in South Asia and can have fatal outcomes if left untreated, necessitating operative intervention. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure involving the removal of the Gallbladder through small incisions, guided by a tiny camera for visualisation.

Dr Niraj has been conducting these surgical procedures since 2007 and has completed over 4000 surgeries to date. He believes that his extensive experience is instrumental in making prompt and precise decisions in the operating theatre. As a general surgeon, Dr Niraj performs a wide range of procedures involving the abdomen, anal region, lumps, breasts and more. Common surgical procedures include Laparoscopy for hernia, appendicitis, haemorrhoids (piles), fistula-in-ano and removal of lumps (cysts/lipomas). 

Dr Bibek Banskota is an expert in orthopaedic trauma, hip and knee replacement surgery, pelvic-acetabular surgery, and paediatric orthopaedics. His specialisation extends to hip and pelvic disorders in patients of all ages. Notably, the number of hip and knee replacement surgeries at B&B Hospital has progressively increased over time, with approximately 100 joint replacement surgeries performed annually. Dr Bibek says they are committed to delivering compassionate care at an affordable price. Despite this, many patients still opt to seek treatment for bone and joint problems in India or abroad. Dr Bibek confidently says that B&B offers the same, if not better, standards of care. "There is no need to go abroad for procedures such as hip or knee replacement, or for any other bone and joint issues; we provide comprehensive treatment right here at our hospital," he added. Patients with complex multiple trauma and pelvic-acetabular fractures often necessitate comprehensive care beyond orthopaedics. Their competent multidisciplinary team provides specialised care for patients with complex trauma in an environment equipped with cutting-edge technology and skilled personnel. No orthopaedic intervention is complete without a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. "At B&B Hospital, we have established a modern physiotherapy and rehabilitation facility staffed with skilled professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that patients achieve their full potential after any intervention," he said. 

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