Crafting Digital Innovations for Global Markets

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Crafting Digital Innovations for Global Markets

E-Signature Pvt Ltd is a Nepali full-service digital agency having presence in countries like Australia, US, UK and Canada. Founded in 2008, E-Signature stands out as a trailblazer in innovation and integrated digital solutions in the digital landscape of Nepal and beyond. Although its name suggests an electronic signature company, E-Signature is much more than that. The company has ventured beyond the realm of electronic signatures to provide full-fledged digital solutions

Over the years, E-Signature has established itself as a leader in the Nepali digital industry. The company has been providing a wide range of innovative and technologically advanced services to businesses and individuals. Whether it be website development, digital marketing or enterprise software development, E-Signature has demonstrated a commitment to delivering high-quality results and exceptional service to its clients. Although Brijesh Gupta established E-Signature in 2008, it wasn’t until 2010 that his hard work truly began to take shape. The company has now embarked on a transformative journey with the aim of revolutionising the IT industry in Nepal. The story of E-Signature's inception and growth is a testament to Brijesh's determination and unwavering passion.

The company, which Brijesh started with an investment of Rs 300,000, today boasts a capital of Rs 10 million. It operates with a dedicated team of approximately 50 individuals, each contributing their skills and expertise to the company's success. Twelve members of this workforce hold high-ranking positions assuming leadership and specialised roles within the organisation. These key individuals play pivotal roles in guiding the company's direction, overseeing crucial aspects of projects, and contributing significantly to the company’s growth and operations.

While starting the company in 2008, Brijesh said he had no idea of the challenges that lay ahead, nor did he anticipate the lack of support he would encounter in navigating the hurdles of starting a business in Nepal's capital city. Brijesh viewed each challenge as an opportunity for growth. He realised that he needed to refine his skills and gain valuable experience in order to succeed. With this vision, he sought partnerships and collaborations with multinational corporations - a decision that would prove instrumental in shaping his abilities and broadening his perspective.

Adaptability has become a guiding principle in Brijesh's journey. As he worked with these global entities, he keenly observed the rapid growth and potential within the field of website development. It was during this time that he realised the important role E-Signature could play in this growing industry.

With his newfound insight and conviction, Brijesh charted a path forward for E-Signature. He envisioned a company that would not only provide innovative digital solutions but also set new standards of excellence within the IT industry in Nepal. Brijesh's visionary leadership and his willingness to take on challenges head-on have been crucial in shaping the company's growth and success.

E-Signature’s Range of Services:
> Web Development
> App Development
> Digital Marketing
> Staff Leasing
> AI Development
> Block-Chain Development

Reflecting back on his journey, Brijesh acknowledges the adversity faced along the way as necessary steps in realising his vision. E-Signature's story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. It demonstrates the power of determination, adaptability, and a keen sense of opportunity. As E-Signature continues to evolve and push boundaries, it remains guided by its founder's original vision to revolutionise the IT industry in Nepal and leave an indelible mark on the digital landscape. "My goal was to establish confidence and produce flawless work," recalls Brijesh. 

It was not only about starting a business; it was also about building trust with customers. E-Signature’s early years required more than simply the supply of services; it needed to focus on training. In addition to carrying out his regular tasks, Brijesh was also explaining to his clients the subtleties of IT and development techniques. In the era where educating customers was just as important as providing services, push marketing was the standard. But as time went on, a paradigm shift occurred, and pull marketing was born. The widespread use of technology started to diminish the necessity for in-depth client education. The emergence of services like E-Sewa, which facilitates smooth money transfers, signalled a turning point in the clientele's self-education on technology. In the last 10 years, technology has become more integrated into people's lives. The way the IT industry has changed is consistent with Brijesh's observation that people increasingly view technology as an essential aspect of their lives.

The majority of E-Signature's customers are from foreign countries which speaks in volumes about the company’s capability serving a worldwide clientele. This distribution of demographics is a success story that goes much beyond the boundaries of Nepal. Brijesh shared with pride that web development and mobile app development are only two of the many areas in which E-Signature excels. But what really makes them stand out is their proficiency with blockchain technology and mobile applications. E-Signature is particularly focused on delivering top-notch mobile applications, showcasing their ability to create seamlessly functioning apps for smartphones and tablets. The emphasis on these areas reflects E-Signature's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and offering clients cutting-edge solutions tailored to their evolving needs. 

E-Signature prioritises customer security by integrating bundled technology solutions into the websites and mobile apps they develop. This approach fortifies these digital platforms against potential hacking attempts. By implementing a comprehensive bundle of security technologies, E-Signature bolsters the protection layers, making it considerably more difficult for unauthorised access or cyber threats to compromise the integrity of the websites or mobile applications they create. This underscores their commitment to delivering not just functional and user-friendly solutions but also ensuring the safety and security of their clients' digital assets. 

Some of E-Signature’s Works:
●    Rent A Car Club: Rent A Car Club is a car-sharing business that utilises technology to revolutionise the way people access and use rental cars. By implementing a digital platform, Rent A Car Club allows individuals to rent cars from a diverse fleet conveniently and at competitive prices.
●    KeepEat: KeepEat is a digital food platform that offers customers the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals at a discounted price. With a focus on reducing food waste, KeepEat partners with restaurants and food establishments to offer excess inventory at a 50% discount.
●    Setbots: Setbots is a technology-driven platform that connects business entities with their consumers. By leveraging advanced technologies such as chatbots and artificial intelligence, Setbots enables companies to enhance their customer engagement and streamline communication processes. By automating customer interactions, Setbots helps businesses provide quick and efficient support, offer personalised recommendations, and collect valuable insights to improve their overall customer experience.
●    Meza: Meza is a point-of-sale (POS) system that aims to bring smiles to every diner's face. Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, Meza provides restaurants and cafes with a comprehensive solution to manage their operations seamlessly. The POS system offers features such as table management, inventory control, online ordering, and customer loyalty programs.
●    InstAgents: InstAgents focuses on improving the reach of education through the use of technology. They develop innovative systems and applications that facilitate remote learning and provide access to educational resources. By leveraging technological advancements, InstAgents aims to bridge the gap in education access, making learning opportunities more accessible and inclusive for individuals worldwide.

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