Nepal has Potential to Become a Medical Tourism hub

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Nepal has Potential to Become a Medical Tourism hub

Why did you choose to invest in hospitals instead of other sectors?

I have been associated with the healthcare sector, dealing with medical equipment, and having formal and close relationships with healthcare professionals, which helped me notice and realise the gaps and problems existing in the healthcare sector closely. That is when I realised the need for corporate hospitals in the context of city areas like Kathmandu.

What sets HAMS Hospital apart from other private hospitals?

HAMS is a 100-bed hospital and the hospital building itself is built according to the norms to provide international services. The hospital features technologies like CT, MRI, Modular OT, Modular ICU, etc. HAMS has a rooftop helipad for rescuing casualties during accidents via chopper.

Can you disclose the size of the investment in HAMS?

We started HAMS with an investment of Rs 2 billion. We have now become the first hospital to initiate the process of issuing shares to the general public. We have sought the permission of Sebon to offer 15% of our shares worth Rs 112.5 million to the general public. I am excited about this because if a hospital is placed in a corporate culture, it will strengthen the institution and the healthcare service as a whole.

What potential do you see for Nepal to become a medical tourism hub like Thailand and Mauritius?

There are promising prospects. Nepal possesses an environment and natural surroundings that facilitate the speedy recovery of patients. However, this can only materialise if the relevant stakeholders at the policymaking level recognize this potential and implement suitable programs.

What are your expectations from the government?

If the government recognizes the private healthcare sector as an ally and actively supports it through positive facilitation, our healthcare system can undergo a substantial transformation. However, the government is not making any effort from its side and attributing any shortcomings to the private sector. 

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