Redefining Healthcare

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Redefining Healthcare

Thamel-based Overseas International Friendship Hospital is a trusted medical partner for tourists and Nepalis alike.

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Earlier in May this year, 42-year-old Chinese foodie Mùchén Lee’s journey to Nepal took an unexpected turn due to severe digestive issues caused by a food allergy. Lee, known for his love of experiencing local cuisines, indulged in various Nepali delicacies during his stay. Unfortunately, he was unaware of his allergy to a specific ingredient commonly used in Nepali cuisine. Shortly after consuming a meal, he began to experience severe abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, and diarrhoea. Mùchén sought medical assistance at the Overseas International Friendship Hospital in Thamel. At the hospital, Mùchén was placed under the care of a gastroenterologist who conducted a comprehensive evaluation of his medical history and performed diagnostic tests to confirm the allergy. These tests included blood work, skin prick tests, and, in some cases, oral food challenges. These measures were taken to identify the specific ingredient causing the allergic reaction. Mùchén received suitable medical intervention customised to his condition.

The treatment plan involved administering antihistamines to alleviate his allergic symptoms, anti-inflammatory medication to reduce intestinal inflammation, and fluid replacement therapy to address dehydration resulting from his prolonged symptoms. Thanks to the timely medical intervention provided at the hospital, Mùchén experienced a significant improvement in his symptoms. The combination of medication, fluid therapy, and dietary modifications helped alleviate his discomfort and restore his digestive health. Nepal, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has emerged as a popular destination for tourists in search of adventure and exploration. However, amidst the thrill of travel, tourists may encounter unforeseen health issues arising from environmental conditions, unfamiliar food, and other factors. Recognizing these challenges, Overseas Friendship International Hospital has customised its services to meet the unique requirements of international visitors. “With a wide range of specialised departments, language support, and seamless healthcare experiences, we ensure that patients receive prompt and efficient medical care while enjoying their stay in Nepal,” Dr Xia Chenchen, president of Overseas Friendship International Hospital, said. Chenchen is a Chinese national married to a Nepali man and considers Nepal her second home. Chenchen started the hospital dedicated to the foreign tourists in 2022. But it caters to Nepali people as well.

According to Chenchen, acute gastroenteritis (AGE), skin allergies, acid peptic disease, and respiratory infections are some of the most common health issues faced by tourists in Nepal. “The environmental situation, particularly in cities, can contribute to these ailments. Our hospital understands these challenges and has specialised personnel, including general physicians, gynaecologists, dermatologists, ENT specialists, and general surgeons, to address these common health concerns,” she added. Effective communication plays a vital role in delivering optimal healthcare services to international patients. The hospital recognizes this importance and provides support in various languages such as Nepali, English, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Georgian, Bengali, Danish, and Arabic, for visiting foreign patients. “This multilingual approach ensures that patients can accurately express their symptoms and concerns, thereby facilitating improved diagnosis and treatment,” Dr Chenchen added. With a 24-hour emergency department equipped with state-of-the-art resources, the hospital ensures that patients receive immediate medical attention when needed. Trained professionals and efficient protocols guarantee prompt and effective emergency care. Numerous international tourists have benefitted from the exceptional healthcare services provided by the hospital. Patients suffering from ailments such as COVID-19, dengue fever, acute gastroenteritis, and psychological disorders have expressed their gratitude for the hospital's expertise and care. These success stories are a testament to our hospital's commitment to patient well-being and helping them enjoy Nepal safely, she shared with a smile.

What sets Overseas International Friendship Hospital apart from other similar hospitals in Kathmandu is its affordability. The hospital understands the financial concerns of patients seeking medical treatment away from their home countries and strives to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of care. “ Additionally, the availability of interpreters fluent in English further ensures effective communication and patient comfort,” she added. The hospital prioritises the comfort and convenience of international patients and their families. The hospital offers VIP cabins for inpatient admissions, complimentary breakfast, and attentive bed services. According to Chenchen, these facilities aim to create a comfortable and stress-free environment for patients during their treatment and recovery. healthcare journey for its patients. It streamlines the process by offering traditional and digital appointment scheduling, and efficient medical record transfers so that individuals can recover faster without any hassles. Overseas Friendship International Hospital is not just a medical facility, it is a compassionate partner dedicated to helping international tourists experience Nepal to the fullest while receiving the best possible healthcare, she added. As the hospital continues to witness numerous success stories and grateful patients, it remains steadfast in its commitment to patient well-being, safety, and satisfaction. In the years to come, the hospital will continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of international patients, striving for excellence in healthcare services and further solidifying its reputation as a trusted destination for comprehensive healthcare for tourists in Nepal.

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