Home Automation Nepal: Making Homes Smart

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Home Automation Nepal: Making Homes Smart

Home Automation Nepal offers solutions for home and businesses catering to various lifestyles and budgets

BY Tamish Giri

In 2009, Keyur Krishna Shrestha, a young engineering graduate, embarked on a life-changing trip to Mumbai to visit a friend and mentor who was working in the real estate industry. Little did Shrestha know that this journey would ignite an idea that would shape his future and revolutionise the way homes in Nepal functioned.
During his visit, Shrestha was invited to attend a meeting with a Chennai-based company specialising in home automation solutions. The presentation and the potential of bringing such technology to Nepal intrigued Shrestha, and his mind brimmed with ideas.
Fresh out of his electronics engineering degree, Shrestha was driven by a vision to simplify people's lives through technology. Inspired by what he had witnessed in Mumbai, he returned to Nepal with a determination to establish a company that would introduce smart home solutions to his fellow countrymen.


"Back then, I had just completed my electronics engineering degree. The presentation caught my attention and thought of bringing the technology to Nepal," Shrestha shared.
In 2009, Shrestha founded Home Automation Nepal with a clear mission to simplify life through the integration of technology. Assembling a team of skilled technicians and engineers, Shrestha set out to make smart living accessible to all.
Shrestha's breakthrough project came in 2010 when his team was approached to automate a residential building in Dhobighat. The homeowners, a busy couple with demanding jobs, were struggling to manage their home efficiently amidst their hectic schedules. In search of a solution, they approached Home Automation Nepal for assistance, Shrestha said.
Shrestha and his team meticulously designed and implemented a comprehensive automation system for the couple. The seamless integration of lights, security, and entertainment allowed the homeowners to effortlessly control their environment through simple touches or voice commands.
Today, Home Automation Nepal stands proudly as a leading one-stop solution provider for all smart home needs. Over the years, the company has expanded its reach, undertaking not only residential properties but also big corporate houses and hotels. "We have automated the residences of renowned corporate personalities such as Raj Bahadur Shah, Subash Sanghai, Rajesh Bir Singh Tuladhar, Pashupati Murarka, Ichchha Raj Tamang, and Kumud Dugar," he said. "In terms of corporate buildings, we have worked with Kantipur Publications, ICIMOD, Index Furniture, Nepal SBI Bank, Mega Bank, and many others."


Not limiting their expertise to residential and corporate spaces, Home Automation Nepal has also automated Norvic International Hospital, Hotel Ambassador, and Hotel Royal Singi. The company achieved its first milestone of completing 100 projects in 2015, and second milestone of 500 projects in 2019.
"Our commitment to affordability, user-friendliness, and scalability has established us as the preferred choice for residential developments, offices, and hotels, helping us grow by at least 25% year on year," Shrestha shared.
Today, Home Automation Nepal has become synonymous with innovation and convenience. Their solutions go beyond simplifying daily tasks; they bring enhanced security, energy efficiency, and a touch of luxury to everyday living.
Shrestha's vision of automating Nepali homes is turning into a reality as more households in Kathmandu and throughout the country experience the transformative power of smart technology.
"We add value to individuals's lives by providing secure, convenient, and enjoyable living experiences while maximising energy savings. Our solutions are not only affordable but also user-friendly and highly scalable," Shreshta added.
In collaboration with Index Projects, Home Automation Nepal has launched a cutting-edge Experience Centre at Jawalakhel. While Shrestha and his team handle the automation work, Index Projects provides the latest customisable luxury furniture and interior design solutions for premium homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels.
When initiating a project, Shrestha and his team focus on understanding the client's key requirements. They then conduct a thorough examination of the building with the help of their architects and engineers to develop a plan accordingly.
After the planning stage, Home Automation Nepal proceeds with the wiring work and procures the necessary equipment. Once the installation is complete, the team provides comprehensive education to the family or office staff, ensuring that they can fully utilise the system by connecting it to their smartphones. The company offers end-to-end service, ensuring a seamless experience for their clients.
Within the residential sector, Home Automation Nepal provides a range of solutions including security systems, digital door locks, smart lighting, motorised shades, video door phones, motorised gates, VRF AC controllers, and universal remotes. Likewise, for the security segment, Shrestha and his team offer CCTV System, Smart Camera, Zigbee Hub, Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Zigbee Motion Sensor, Zigbee Smoke Sensor, Analog Kit, IP Kit and Zigbee Sensor Module.
"We have C1 Lock for a smart lock, mix switch series, classic touch series, in-wall module, occupancy sensor, RGB relay for the smart lights and Zigbee Curtain Motor, and Zigbee Blind Motor for motorised shades," said Shrestha.
Similarly, Home Automation Nepal has been offering Swing Gate motors and Sliding Gate Motors for gates.  "Additionally, we offer VRF AC Controller helping schedule A/C for added comfort and energy savings and Zigbee IR Blaster and Wi-Fi IR Blaster to ease the hassle of multiple remote controllers,” he added.
Under the corporate segment, Shrestha and his team offer an automated solution for the executive cabin, boardroom, energy management, fire alarm system, surveillance, interactive screen, wireless presentation, video conferencing, and access control. 
Home Automation Nepa imports the main automation platform, which is of Orvibo brand, from China. Similarly, some of the switches are imported from India, the motor of the gates is imported from Italy, while certain items are imported from France and the US. 
"Automated devices come from different brands and require multiple interferences for operation and this makes things complicated. But we have been providing our consumers with a customised app to make the usability comfortable. We pay a certain charge to the brands to customise the app based on the requirements. They are available on both Android and iOS platforms," said Shrestha.
Likewise, Home Automation Nepal helps corporate offices to create the best executive-class cabins with customised ambience. It offers the best video conferencing system, while the energy management system reduces bills contributing towards a sustainable environment.
The hospitality segment of Home Automation Nepal covers services for conference halls, electronic locks, surveillance systems, energy saving, in-room control, and fire alarm systems. Shrestha and his team offer customised packages in six segments. The team offers a Starter kit, Security Kit, Safety Kit, Convenience Kit, Energy Saving Kit, and Entertainment Kit to help individuals to experience the magic of automation. 
Talking about the targeted customers, Shrestha shares that his company mostly used to cater to corporate, high-end residential before the Covid pandemic.
"After the pandemic, the use has increased in hotels as well. We are solely focused on catering to the top elite group which is about one percent of the Nepali market," he added
Home Automation Nepal's ability to understand the prospects and requirements, to be able to design the solution, execute them and provide top-notch service has made it the number one service provider in Nepal. 

SWOT Analysis:


• A step forward in technological advancement
• Easy to use
• Energy saving

Weaknesses/Areas to Improve
• Available only at urban areas
• Ineffective in power fluctuation
• Only accessible to elite customer

• Data Breach and Identity theft
• Device hijacking and Spoofing
• Phlashing

You have to use our system to feel the convenience. Our services are a mixture of luxury and security. In short, we make people's lives convenient and can proudly share that we only have international competitors, Shrestha shares.
Home Automation Nepal's ability to comprehend the needs and aspirations of its clients, coupled with its expertise in designing tailored solutions, executing projects seamlessly, and providing top-notch service, has made it a leading service provider in Nepal.
"To truly appreciate the convenience, you have to use our system. Our solutions are a blend of comfort and security, aimed at enhancing people's lives. We can proudly say that we only have international competitors," he added.
Collaboration is a crucial aspect of Home Automation Nepal's projects, as they work closely with various professionals involved in residential, corporate, and hospitality projects like engineers, architects, interior designers, home property owners, carpenters, electricians, and many others. Shrestha acknowledges that effective communication is essential in these collaborations.
"Coordinating with numerous individuals simultaneously can be challenging, considering the interdependencies of different tasks. The nature of joint working spaces can sometimes lead to tensions and egos arising among employees, which can hinder effective communication," he said, adding, "Soe communication is a significant challenge that we need to address."
Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015, the country has made remarkable progress in rebuilding its infrastructure, particularly in the power supply sector. This has resulted in a more stable and consistent supply of electricity throughout the nation, which has greatly facilitated growth across various industries, including the internet industry.
The widespread adoption of the internet has brought about a revolution in the way people connect, communicate, and conduct business. It has opened up new avenues for innovation and economic development, with significant potential for further advancements. 


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