Our Goal is to Become One of the Top Three Brands in Nepal

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 Our Goal is to Become One of the Top Three Brands in Nepal

Uygur Kocbug, the international head of sales and marketing for Beko, was recently in Nepal to gain insights into the company's strategies and the home appliance market in Nepal. Beko, a popular European high-class brand known for its high-tech, eco-friendly, and innovative products, has recently partnered with Chaudhary Group (CG). The Turkish brand has been catering its products in Nepal for almost 10 years and has further increased its presence in Nepal with its new range of products and effective after-sales service with its recent collaboration with the CG Group.Tamish Giri from New Business Age talked to Kocbug to learn about the company’s plans for Nepal with the new collaboration. Excerpts:

What brought you to Nepal?
Actually, Beko has already launched a range of cooling products including double-door, single-door, and multi-door refrigerators, as well as laundry appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers, and cooking categories such as built-in ovens and cookers. But, of course, our goal is to expand these categories with new models that perfectly match the requirements of the Nepali market. We also aim to increase our product categories with other offerings in Nepal.

Beko is a global European company with sub-branches in 53 countries and factories in nine countries with 12 brands. Our coverage in the world is around 150 countries, and we believe that Nepal is a big potential market. The Nepali market is very well-structured with very strong global and local brands. We believe that with our sustainable, high-efficiency, European-designed, and high-technology products, we have a great potential with our valuable partner CG Electronics. That's why we are excited to be here.

How are Beko products doing in Nepal?
At the moment, we have significant access to the market, thanks to our new partner CG Electronics. However, we know that there is still room to grow. Therefore, we are currently focused on developing our marketing, communication, and distribution strategies. Our goal is to become one of the top three brands in Nepal within the next three years.

So, what are your plans for Nepal?
We aim to expand our sales points almost everywhere and provide more convenience and healthier options to Nepali consumers and their families. As I mentioned earlier, the market here is well-structured. Currently, we are competing not only with global brands but also with local brands which are just as passionate as Beko. However, Beko has some distinctive technologies such as Hygiene Shield, Ever Fresh, Harvest Fresh, and Neofrost that we believe can positively impact the lives of our consumers and create differentiation in the market.

What challenges and opportunities are you seeing in the Nepali market?
Nepal is an extremely beautiful country with natural landscapes and great people who take pride in their dignity. Despite the bad effects of the COVID outbreak, there is a big potential for growth due to its great human resources. So, we believe in that potential and are reaching out to add value to people's lives here with our sustainable, eco-friendly, and European-style high-tech products."

Talking about challenges, we can talk about the high competition here. We have been going through a transformation process in our sales organisation since 2021. Our collaboration with CG Electronics started in 2021 and can be taken as a fresh start for Beko. Right now, we are trying to make our sales organisation perfect. CG Electronics has a very professional approach to sales service and has a huge presence in the market and total control in distribution centres. So, we are fully integrated with after sales service promises and backed by the Beko global offices as well.

Since you are already here as a big player in Nepal, what makes Beko different from other brands?
Beko is the only European global brand with a focus on nature in Nepal. Nepal is an incredibly beautiful country, with stunning sights like Pokhara lakeside and the challenge of climbing the Himalayan mountains. As a company, we respect nature and adopt this philosophy in our products. Our low-energy, eco-friendly products and technologies allow people to spend more time with their loved ones and hobbies, empowering future generations to live healthier, more convenient lives. Our motto, "Live like a Pro," is a commitment to the community. With our European mindset and designs, we believe we can positively impact the lives of Nepali customers.

What are the USPs of Beko products?
Beko's mission and vision are to respect the world. In line with this vision, Beko Company is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. We have already created several new projects with net incomes, such as energy-efficient products, eco-efficient products, and the promotion of sustainable water and wastewater management, pollution prevention controls, renewable energy, and green building initiatives. We have put this sustainable policy at the heart of all our global operations and it reflects in our technologies and products.

We are pleased to be here to add value to Nepali customers and their families with our ambition to empower generations to live healthy. Our new technologies, such as Hygiene Shield, are very important after the COVID situation. It helps to eliminate bacteria and viruses from clothes and dishes in an efficient way. It saves people time as they don't have to clean their clothes frequently, allowing them to spend more time with their families and hobbies.

What are your strategies for Nepal?
We believe in providing 360-degree customer satisfaction, from the beginning of the purchasing process until the end of after-sales service. For example, we have some programs in place with CG electronics at the selling points during the sales process. We have thoroughly researched and developed communication tools to answer any questions customers may have. As Beko operates in more than 150 countries, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we share with our valuable partner, CG electronics. We adapt the best practices to each market to ensure customer satisfaction.

Regarding after-sales service, we believe in creating a robust system to ensure customer satisfaction. We will provide support to CG electronics, particularly in three areas: consistent on-time spare parts availability, organising training for the CG after-sales service teams to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments, and sharing knowledge and experiences from Beko's global after-sales service network.

You have partnered with CG Group in Nepal. What can Nepali consumers expect from your partnership with CG Group?
When customers enter a shop, they can expect a 360-degree excellent experience that includes finding local products. With the support of CG Electronics, customers can also find sustainable, high-tech European-style products in the first stage, including at CG Electronics shops. We cover all needs throughout the customer journey, especially in controlling this market. The end of this journey is just the start, which we call after-sales service. This service is crucial, and we must emphasise its importance. If customers need anything or are looking for another superior Beko product with superior CG Electronics service, we're here to provide it. 

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