HARI SHARAN SUBEDI : Expanding the Scope of Television Advertising

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HARI SHARAN SUBEDI : Expanding the Scope of Television Advertising

Marketing is a complex and dynamic field. As media platforms have evolved from print and broadcast to online, digital, and social media, as well as multimedia, it's clear that traditional marketing techniques no longer have the same impact they once did in an ever-changing media landscape. To thrive in this competitive market, organisations and agencies that specialise in branding, marketing, and promotions must embrace innovation and adapt to new trends.

Hari Sharan Subedi is one such individual who has been embracing innovations and adapting to the new trends in the marketing and advertising industry. Subedi is the creative entrepreneur leading A.D. Release - a media buying house - where he focuses on strengthening the organisation and developing new techniques for media marketing. Despite being born into an ordinary family in Manahari of Makwanpur in 2036 BS, Subedi has become a shining example of achieving success in Nepal. His journey into the world of advertising and media began in 2057 BS, when he joined an advertising agency called Ad Avenues as a Media Executive. Since then, he has gained proficiency in various aspects of the advertising business, including media planning, client servicing, media buying, and public relation services. Subedi attributes his success to his hard work, determination, attention to detail, and eagerness to learn and apply new marketing and advertising techniques.

Nepal's media and advertising sector saw significant expansion and a rise in professionalism after the political change of 2046 BS. Media Hub evolved as one of the latest media buying agencies in this period. Subedi showcased his professionalism and skills when he joined the company as the Assistant Marketing Manager in 2063 BS. He not only made a substantial contribution to the successful marketing of TV programs but also assisted the company's management closely. Subedi and his team successfully organised major events such as the FIFA World Cup broadcast, Crity (advertising) Awards, among others. As a result of his outstanding performance, he was swiftly promoted to the role of Marketing Manager at Media Hub.

In 2070 BS, Subedi, together with a group of advertising professionals who shared his values of creativity, hard work, and perseverance, founded A.D. Release, their independent venture in the growing TV advertising market. As a media professional, Subedi has been instrumental in expanding the scope of television advertising by developing new methods of broadcasting advertisements and persuading advertisers of their effectiveness. He has even sought to commercialise the sports sector in Nepal by branding and marketing various sports competitions. His contributions to the expansion of TV advertising have earned him numerous institutional and personal accolades, including a recent honour bestowed upon him by then-Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on the recommendation of Reporters' Club Nepal.

Subedi was quick to anticipate a shift in Nepali television viewers' preferences and collectively introduced popular international TV franchises, Idol and The Voice, to the Nepali audience. He continued to deliver such reality shows to Nepali viewers, providing them with fresh TV content and earning the trust of advertisers with the returns they produced. Subedi's team played an exceptional role in persuading advertisers to recognise the acceptance of such programs, attracting them to these shows and building the confidence of creative and technical teams involved in producing them.

Subedi's leadership and successful marketing strategies have been evident in the first and third editions of Nepal Idol, the first edition of The Voice of Nepal, and the second edition of Nepal's indigenous reality show Comedy Champion. The excitement generated among Nepali viewers and the positive feedback from advertisers sponsoring the shows have vindicated the efforts of Subedi and his team. Subedi is equally committed to promoting indigenous artists and programs and has acquired the digital rights to Nepal's beloved comedy series, Sakkigoni, which he is broadcasting through the YouTube channel EH Digital.

Subedi currently leads four companies: A.D. Release, Advertisement Release, Teligenz Pvt Ltd, and Everest Headlines. With over 22 years of experience, he has developed expertise in managing a team of around 100 people. He is well-versed in the rapidly evolving world of digital and broadcast media and has implemented several innovative advertising practices. To ensure that he stays current with industry trends and remains responsive to the needs of advertisers and audiences alike, Subedi has travelled to countries including India, the United States, Japan, Singapore, UAE, Australia, and various European nations to expand his skills in marketing and advertising.

Subedi continues to strive to broaden his experience, serving as an Executive Member of the Advertising Association of Nepal (AAN), and as a Member of the Information and Communication Technology Development Committee of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI). He follows high professional standards, and his humble nature and creative ideas have helped him maintain the momentum in the advertising market while satisfying stakeholders.

Currently, Subedi is among the few successful young businessmen in Nepal. He is a responsible individual who remains level-headed during success and doesn't panic during failures. His wife Laxmi Bhatta Subedi has been a constant support to him through thick and thin, continually inspiring and encouraging him. The Subedi couple, who are parents to two children, have not had to look back since 2057 BS, and they attribute part of their well-being to the family values instilled by their parents.

"I wish that our children continue this business and work with determination and discipline, just as we did. However, everyone must make their own destiny based on the time and environment," says Subedi. "I hope to see the continued growth of the media industry in Nepal, which I have worked so hard for."

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