The Colourful Growth of Berger (J&N) Nepal

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The Colourful Growth of Berger (J&N) Nepal

This Indian multinational paints company is winning the hearts of Nepali customers with its top quality products and innovative painting solutions.

The Indian paints maker Berger Paints (India) Limited forayed into Nepal in 2000 with the acquisition of Jenson & Nicholson (Nepal), a subsidiary of Jenson & Nicholson (India) Limited, to commence Berger (J&N) Nepal. In its two decades of operation as a manufacturer of high-quality decorative paints, Berger (J&N) Nepal claims it is now one of the companies with the highest compounded growth in the Nepali paints industry holding almost 30 to 34 percent share of the market.

The company’s annual turnover hovers around Rs 5 billion and it has nearly 30 products in its portfolio. It has nine depots and over 1,000 dealers across the country to distribute premium quality exterior, interior and undercoat paints products.

Similarly, the company has been providing direct employment to approximately 200 people while more than 5,000 paints contractors are engaged with the company.

The two decades long smooth journey has made Berger a household name in Nepal for decorative, luminous and eco-friendly paints. “It’s been a fantastic journey for us being among the top-ranked companies engaged in manufacturing and marketing of a variety of architectural coatings in Nepal.

Over the years, we have received a fabulous response and support from our customers,”claims Satya Prakash, CEO of Berger (J&N) Nepal.

Major Achievements
Berger maintains a reputation in terms of launching benchmark setting paint products alongside innovative painting solutions in the Nepali market. It is the first brand to introduce eco-friendly paints in the country with its Berger Silk Breathe Easy brand. Meanwhile, as a value addition to its service, the company in 2017 introduced the Berger Express Painting system to provide an end-to-end innovative painting solution to the customers of Berger.

This is the first service of its kind in Nepal under which trained painters use automatic machines to paint the houses of Berger customers offering a hassle-free painting experience. The Express tools help the customers for better painting performance and give aesthetic value without any hassle and extra cost. In the meantime, Berger (J&N) is also the first company to bring designer finished paints in Nepal such as the Berger Illusion Coating.

Berger has a wide range of products in its portfolio which includes several types of premium paints brands such as Silk Glamor, Silk Luxury and Silk Illusions. “We are considered as a paints manufacturer having the largest product range in Nepal,”claims Prakash.

Customer Satisfaction
Prakash attribute the success of Berger (J&N) Nepal to the brand loyalty of customers. According to him, Nepali consumers are informed enough to accept high performance and quality paints which has been the key encouraging factor for the company to introduce advanced technology for manufacturing products in Nepal.  “As a multinational company, we have access to the available world-class technologies and whatever new product or new technology is introduced in the paint industry. We can bring the technologies to Nepal to meet international standards. So, I don’t think that we have any issue here regarding the quality of products,” says Prakash.

A Focus on Product Innovations
Since its inception in Nepal, Berger Paints has been consistently responding to the requirements and demands of customers offering products of high quality. “Our quality orientation and consumer awareness initiatives help us to keep Berger Paints very close to the heart of the Nepali customers with innovative, eco-friendly product ranges like Berger Silk Illusion, Silk Glamour and Luxury Emulsion, Silk Easy Clean in interior product and Berger Weather Coat All Guard, Berger Weather Coat Anti-dust etc in exterior products,” mentions Prakash.

The company has manufacturing plants in Bhaktapur and Hetauda. Currently, Berger has 28 products in its portfolio which includes interior and exterior paints, and undercoats. There are around seven products in both interior and exterior segments. “We have luxury and premium emulsion products to fulfill the demand of quality conscious customers. These products contribute over 70 percent of our business.We also cater to value for money products with quality and service in mind,” says Prakash. According to him, the company has sufficient production capacity to meet next 3-5 year’s market requirement with double digit growth.

Under its interior product range, Berger BP Zinc and Berger Silk Glamour are very popular and have been well received by customers. These products are free of any hazardous materials and confirm to the internationally accepted eco-friendly parameters in paints.

Under its exterior products, it has class leading products including the Berger WeatherCoat All Guard along with WeatherCoat Smooth and Walmasta, among others. The WeatherCoat All Guard is one of the unique exterior paints of Berger which comes with a seven-year warranty ensuring all round protection from challenges from the environment. According to the company, its unique silicon technology resists water to the paint film and its Polymer composition doesn’t allow dust to settle on the exterior walls.

Similarly, Berger WeatherCoat Long Life, which comes with a 10-year warranty, is the newest product in the exterior segment which has been developed using polyurethane (PU) and silicon enhanced nanotechnology to provide excellent protection to exterior walls from heavy rainfall, fungus and algae growth. “Probably, no other paints company in Nepal has this kind of product so far,” claims Prakash. He informs Berger has two other products in the pipeline ready for launch in Nepal.

Besides, Berger Seal-O-Prime is considered as the leading undercoat product for direct top coating application. It is the only product in the market that comes with triple booster formulation to protect and relieve walls from dampness, efflorescence and alkalinity, according to the company.

Market Offers Berger (J&N) Nepal has been announcing various market schemes on different occasions. For this year’s festive season, the company launched a consumer scheme called ‘Berger Color Splash’ which started from August 18 and will end in November 16. Under this, Berger customers buying selected Berger products will get a chance to paint a 100 square feet area of their property with Silk Illusion as an assured gift. Besides, they will be able to participate in the lucky draw where one lucky winner can win a cash prize of Rs 500,000. Likewise, other prizes include a 32" Samsung LED TV for 25 customers, domestic trips for 50 couples, international tour to London for two couples and Samsung mobile phones for 100 people.

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