Sun Café and Bar : Afternoon Delight

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Sun Café and Bar : Afternoon Delight

The cosy restaurant offers an exciting blend of cuisines - ranging from authentic Nepali dishes to more exotic delicacies.

The décor and ambience at Sun Café and Bar, located at the heart of Jhamsikhel, has two distinct flavours. Upon entering the restaurant, the outside seating area is practically enshrined in greenery. A collection of plants, foliage and flowers enclose the dining tables. That brings with it a sense of ease and relaxation that our team found quite comforting.

The inside seating area, on the other hand, has an earthy feel to it. The walls are painted in a warm yellow hue, and even the décor on the wall has a decidedly earthy undertone. Again, there is a sense of warmth and comfort here, as well.

The seating arrangement is both simple yet comfortable. On the whole, Sun Café and Bar has a cosy feel to it, one that we were quite taken with. After a round of complimentary in-house potato chips, the dishes appeared. Aaloo Taareko was the first to arrive. The fried potatoes were well cooked and had a tangy quality to them. It was a dish that whetted our appetites.

Up next, Potato and Cheese Croquettes. These were heavenly, plain and simple. The creamy cheese and potatoes melt in your mouth, perfectly complementing the crunchy fried exterior. The last starter placed on our table was Fokso Fry (fried mutton lungs). This particular dish received mixed reception amongst our team. While a few of us were quite taken with the texture of the dish, others, not so much.

Once the starters were out of the way, we began sampling more of the menu. An extremely appetising Chicken and Cheese Burger was brought out first along with a side of potato chips. The bun was thick, perhaps a bit too much considering the size of the patty, and therefore it felt quite dry as the condiments couldn’t permeate the bread entirely. That being said, the patty was delicious, and the burger as a whole was very satisfying, indeed. Similarly, the Falafel Wrap that came in next was a massive hit on our table. A succulent mixture of fried falafel balls and veggies, the wrap was one of the tastiest dishes we had the pleasure of sampling — a winner from all angles.

But the generous patrons at Sun Café didn’t stop there – the dishes kept coming. We were told that the Tuna and Egg Sandwich that followed the wrap was one of Sun Café’s signature dishes, and it’s easy to see why. The two primary ingredients combined in a mixture of veggies and pink mayonnaise, all housed inside an exceptionally well-made pita pocket was a delight for the taste buds. The flavours were strong, and the combination of egg, tuna and pita bread gave the dish a unique texture that we found quite enjoyable.

Last, but certainly not the least, was the Samayabaji Khaja Set, a traditional Newari dish which comprises of beaten rice, fried boiled eggs, fried fish, spinach and an assortment of spiced kidney beans, potatoes, black soybeans, ginger and chicken along with a bowl of potato and bamboo shoot soup.

This was the showstopper in more ways than one. It began with the plating itself – of all the dishes we had at Sun Café, visually, the Khaja Set was the most appealing, and by a wide margin.

And fortunately, it tasted as good as it looked. A genuinely great dish; highly recommended if you find yourself at Sun Café and Bar.
After eating ourselves silly, we took a little stroll around the restaurant. The bar area is tucked in on one corner and has a variety of alcohols. Another aspect of Sun Café and Bar we enjoyed was the choice of music. The speakers were permeating the room with the sound of smooth, soothing jazz, and it greatly added to the relaxed atmosphere the restaurant is innately blessed with.

We spent approximately two hours at Sun Café and Bar, and we greatly enjoyed our time there. The laid back ambience, the excellent menu and a green-tinged décor made our lunch experience quite a memorable one.

Afternoon delight, indeed.

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