Growing Import of Edible Nuts

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Growing Import of Edible Nuts

Nepal's import of edible nuts has recorded an annual average growth of 27 percent during FY2008/09 to FY2019/20.  In FY 2019/20, total Import of edible nuts amounted to Rs 2.84 billion.

The imports are mainly of coconuts, cashew nuts, almond and walnut accounting for 20.16 percent, 30.74 percent, 21.78 percent and 27.32 percent, respectively, in the country’s total nuts import. As consumption pattern of the Nepali society is changing, the demand for edible nuts in Nepal is expected to increase further in the future. So, Nepal should pursue appropriate policies and programmes to address the concerns related to quality of such items. Likewise, strategy and programmes for producing edible nuts in the country should be formulated with a view to substitute the imports.

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