Don’t Doubt Yourself

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Don’t Doubt Yourself


Born in a small corner of giant China, Corona the Great who launched attacks on more than 200 countries more than three months ago with the aim of ruling the whole world entered Nepal only a while ago. Initially, we took the mighty Corona very lightly. We thought we are the brave Gorkhalis and what harm can this microorganism possibly do to us? China we know. She has the world’s highest wall. We asked ourselves - how could Corona cross China’s Great Wall and enter Nepal? Even if the mighty Corona could somehow cross the wall, crossing the Betrawati River would be very, very difficult. In the past, even the Chinese army couldn’t cross the Betrawati!

But Corona the Great chose a circuitous way to arrive here. Be it the USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia or India; Corona the Great has already performed the dance of death in all these countries. Thousands have already embraced death in the process. Some have died out of sheer fear.

Corona the Great is miraculous. It is because of its miracles that people have forgotten everything - from the scheduled US presidential election and Korea’s parliamentary polls to the chaos, confusion and corruption in the supply of essentials, dearness, and unemployment in Nepal. Incidents of rape and murder and gold smuggling, Baskota episode, corruption in health kits etc have all been overshadowed.

Perhaps such fears were never there even during the world wars. Now, all the countries in the world have gone into isolation. Parks, temples, mosques and churches – all are closed. Everyone is locked away inside their homes coping with lockdowns. No programmes or any celebrations. No office, no workshops.

In the past, even a hundred deaths or more in any city of the world would be taken normally. But today, the situation is such that every single death is being discussed and analysed. Though this pandemic has scared and financially hit many, it has become a chance for the opportunists to make hay while the sun shines. The situation is even more pathetic in Nepal where the government fails to make its presence felt even in normal times. Who will such a government monitor? So, there is no logic or rationale behind the rising price of goods or their degrading quality. The people badly need essentials including food. But who will give them that? In reality, the lockdown imposed by the government has locked down the lives of the ordinary folks.   

Perhaps, Corona the Great has left no stone unturned to expose how vulnerable we humans are. We have been hit so hard by the pandemic that those who will survive it are not going to forget it for many, many years to come. It seems that Corona the Great has brought the entire world to a standstill. But birds continue to fly in the sky fearlessly. And on earth, ants haven’t stopped moving in columns. In the rivers and seas, fish are perhaps breathing in comparatively fresher air. Because the factories which pollute the water bodies are closed now. It seems only humans have been held back. Those who run only after profits forgetting their families and societies have been held back. Even the so-called big shots wholook down on everyone seem defeated by a microorganism.

You perhaps think that if there is anyone most powerful in this world, then it’s you – only you and that even if Corona the Great has turned the lives of others upside down, it can do no harm to you. But the problem is that it seems Corona the Great doesn’t know that!

Therefore, whether you like it or not, you don’t have any option other than to follow the government’s suggestions. You must have heard and seen everyone tell you to wash your hands, wear a mask – even if that covers your beautiful nose and mouth – and stay home. So, now you probably have come out of the illusion of “nothing will happen to me”. Because Corona the Great is like a ‘poison girl’ who can floor you – perhaps forever!

To save yourself from becoming a victim of Mr Corona, you have to take nutritious food, exercise, drink hot water and maintain hygiene. And you can hit back at this great enemy of yours simply by staying home and lying on your bed. For the time being, this seems to be the only way to defeat this great enemy of mankind.   

By now you must have realised that your life and the lives of all those who come in your contact are in your hands. Therefore, no matter how cruel the government may look and no matter how villainous the ministers may appear, staying home, as asked by the government, is not only in your best interest but also in the country’s best interest. He who truly loves the country, his family and society and himself, will surely understand this. Let’s hope youtoo understand this. Because you are a wise being. Now don’t doubt yourself!

And to add one more thing at the end…
A person reached Heaven after dying because of Corona. After reaching there, he complained to God – “God, I did nothing wrong. Then why am I here so early?”

God replied – “I know you are a good person. So I had come to meet you at your place many times in the form of masks, soap and water, sanitizer etc. But you were always out, mingling with crowds. When I went to your home to meet you, Corona the Great had apparently brought you here, so what could I do!”

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