More Than A 'Scooter'

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More Than A 'Scooter'

The 155 cc road runner isn’t satisfied with merely being a sedate commuter. It offers the best of both worlds – great performance and phenomenal comfort.

Scooters have long been pigeonholed as monotonous commuters whose fundamental purpose is to get one from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B.’ They don’t carry with them an aura of excitement, and they seldom inspire passion. In common parlance, scooters are not ‘cool.’ Yamaha’s NMax challenges that notion and does so with unprecedented élan.  

Not only does it look and feel fashionable and sophisticated, but it also packs a serious punch as it gracefully glides through the streets. I spent a few days with the Yamaha NMax and was completely won over by the pugnacious pocket rocket. Below are some of my key takeaways.

NMAX’s signature attribute in terms of design is that it looks like unlike any other scooter in the market. That unique aura certainly adds to its appeal. As I was riding around town, I caught more than a few glances landing in the NMax’s direction. Its fresh look certainly caught the eye of people on the streets. Apart from its singular look, what strikes one immediately is just how big the NMax is when compared to its peers. In terms of seat height and ground clearance, the NMAX is in a different league altogether. It’s a ‘Maxi-Scooter’ for a reason after all. 

Both the front and rear of the scooter are sculpted with precision – the look is an attractive combination of angular and rounded elements. Stylistic touches such as a sizeable windshield and carbon fibre finish add to the scooter’s appeal. Owing to that, and the slightly larger size, the NMax has a formidable presence. It commands attention, whether it is cruising down the road or parked in a corner – the NMax is noticeable, to say the least. 

All things considered, from an aesthetics standpoint, the NMax is a winner on all fronts. Aggressive, stylish, and exciting, the scooter makes a potent style statement. 

Engine, Performance and Ride Quality
As good as the NMax appears aesthetically, the knockout punch is what it can do when it’s out on the streets. This scooter is a bite-sized beast – it has a 155cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine that can generate a max power of 11.1 kW@8000rpm and 14.4Nm@6000rpm. Further, the NMax has Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) that improves engine efficiency. 

Impressive figures are all well and good, but the more pertinent question potential buyers may have is this – how do the numbers translate to real-world usage?

Incredibly well, would be the answer. The NMax is a dream to ride and offers an experience that is unlike any other. It’s exceedingly comfortable and a joy to handle. The acceleration is crisp and it can cut corners with consummate ease. The seats are wide, plush and premium; very comfortable. There is a sense of authority and control one gets while riding the NMax. Its balance, stability and handling are all top of the line. And combined with the powerful engine, the scooter offers a relaxed, enjoyable and exciting riding experience. 

Braking and Safety
The NMax’s exceptional braking further contributes to the sense of control and authority. Both the front and rear 13-inch wheels have dual disc braking. But that’s not all – the NMax comes equipped with dual-channel ABS. All those quality features ultimately translate to a riding experience that feels comfortable, enjoyable, safe and thrilling. It’s a complete slam dunk. 

Further, the NMax has incredible storage space. The under-seat compartment has a storage capacity of 23.5 litres, which is more than ample. 

Final Impressions and Pricing
In all candour, I was incredibly impressed with the Yamaha NMax. It has a singular look, an attractive aesthetic, a powerful engine, comfort and ease in riding and reliable safety features – it’s an all-around excellent vehicle. 

For prospective buyers, the question isn’t likely to be ‘Is this a good scooter’? The NMax emphatically answers that question with a resounding ‘Yes.’ The more pertinent question would be related to the price. The NMax is unlike any other scooter on the market, but that standing comes with a condition – its substantial price – Rs 4, 59,900.

That’s a significant outlay and perhaps certain customers will not be inclined to spend that amount on a scooter. The final purchase decision, as ever, lies with the customer. But for those considering the Yamaha NMax, I state this in no uncertain terms – it’s the best scooter available in Nepal.

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