Sumptuous Sushi at Momotarou Restaurant

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Sumptuous Sushi at Momotarou Restaurant

Located in Thamel, Momotarou is a haven for aficionados of Japanese cuisine.

As our team set out to have lunch at Momotarou’s Thamel outlet, the tourist hotspot was bereft of its signature hustle and bustle. Nonetheless, I was excited about treating myself to some delectable Japanese cuisine, and in that respect, Momotarou, which was established in 2000, is an ideal destination. 

The meal began with a warm cup of coffee. Soon after, the manager gave us a tour of the restaurant and we got to see the chef prepare Salmon Sushi for us. Once that was done, we were seated at our table – Momotarou has the standard table and chair seating arrangement as well as a Japanese seating arrangement, wherein patrons sit on elevated mats. 

In terms of ambience, Momotarou has a pleasant setup and warm, enthusiastic servers. There are splashes of Japanese culture throughout the restaurant, be it through paintings or other décor. It lends the restaurant an authentic feel. 

Soon, the Salmon Sushi arrived, with wasabi and soya sauce. We picked up our chopsticks, scooped up a piece, dipped it in the wasabi and soya sauce mixture and had a hearty bite. While the Sushi itself might come across as bland to Nepali palates, the sauce mixture packs a serious and overwhelming punch. In combination with the rice and salmon, it’s a delicious explosion of flavours in one’s mouth. 

We were served with the Bento Box next. It’s a meal that comprises of – Chicken Teri Yaki, Veg Sushi, Egg Roll, Veg Momo, and an assortment of salads and pickled vegetables. 

The meal was great, the Chicken Teriyaki, in particular, was exceptional. It was a well-crafted meal as the more sedate flavours were perfectly balanced out by the sweetness of the Teri Yaki sauce and the punchy pickled items. 

After having enjoyed the Bento Box, a plate of Yaki Tori was served on our table. The dish was essentially grilled chicken with a sweet sauce, another contrasting yet delicious combo. The chicken was perfectly cooked and tender and dovetailed wonderfully with the sweetness of the sauce. 

Our penultimate dish was the Hiyashi Khwashiwa Udon – cooked chicken and eggplant on a bad of flat noodles. And lastly, we were served the Karakuchi Ramen. It was a dish all of us enjoyed. The ramen was perfectly cooked, the broth was a tasty concoction of wonderful flavours and added some punch to the noodles and the pork.

The culinary experience at Momotarou Restaurant was a pleasant one – all the dishes were well-plated, presented and most importantly, were good to taste. As no one from our team is an expert on Japanese cuisine, we can’t speak with much authority as to how authentic the dishes were, but we can emphatically state that they were delicious. 

Momotarou Restaurant is a wonderful gateway for Nepali nationals into the world of Japanese cuisine and its multifaceted dishes and flavours. It’s worth mentioning that the restaurant serves certain Nepali dishes as well.

If you’re craving for some Sushi, you can’t go wrong with Momotarou. 

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