MG ZS EV : Riding Through the Electric Avenue

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MG ZS EV : Riding Through the Electric Avenue

MG, the British car manufacturer’s ‘Electric SUV’ has all the benefits one would expect from an EV, all packaged together in an immaculately designed, uniquely stylish package.


Design and Exterior
While EVs are by no means ubiquitous in Nepal, they have undoubtedly increased in popularity, particularly over the last couple of years. This trend can be attributed to a variety of factors, the most prominent among them is that owing to the lower taxes levied on EVs, they present a more affordable proposition. 

Further, EVs help customers save on fuel and maintenance costs. However, as practical as these arguments are, a purchase decision doesn’t always boil down to practicality and logic. There is almost always an X-Factor, some sort of ‘secret sauce’ that sinks its hooks into customers. Concerning EVs, aside from the obvious advantages, the X-Factor seems quite apparent – EVs look good. They live up to their ‘car of the future’ billing. Manufactures give high impetus to the design aspect of EVs, to usually satisfying results. This axiom holds for MG’s ZS EV, an ultra-sleek, ultra-stylish SUV that commands attention. It has a gorgeously sculpted body that is at once muscular and elegant, accentuated by the clean lines that envelop the body. The SUV screams sophistication and refinement. It’s a case of contrasts combining to form something splendid. The angular and aggressive headlamps seemingly add to the SUV’s bold and muscular look, while MG’s unique and stylish grille upfront contributes to the vehicle’s elegance. The bold and the beautiful, as it were. 

The ZS EV isn’t just pretty on the outside. It’s beautiful on the inside as well, which some might argue is of more importance. The sleekness exuded by the SUV’s exterior is present in the interior as well. It’s fairly spacious and has an elegant feel to it, much like the exterior. 

The design language inside the cabin is one of modernity. Soft-touch materials have been used in key areas, which adds to the cabin’s elegant appeal. Further, the dashboard eschews the traditional design language; since the ZS is an EV, the standard gearbox is absent. Instead, there is a stylish rotary mechanism that controls the automatic transmission. It is yet another futuristic and unique touch, somewhat comparable to the rotary gear found in the likes of the Chrysler 300. The leather-wrapped steering wheel is comfortable to hold and manoeuvre and is equipped with a host of buttons and knobs that lets the driver control the vehicle’s various functions. The seat itself is 6-way electrically adjustable, while the passenger seat is 4-way electrically adjustable. 

In terms of comfort and convenience, the SUV has plenty to offer. There is a sizeable panoramic sunroof for those long drives. There is also an 8-inch touch screen attached to the centre console. The touch sensitivity of the screen is highly responsive.

All things considered, the interior of the MG ZS EV marries form and functionality to great effect. 

The ZS has a PM synchronous motor with a rated power of 53 kW. In practical terms, that translates to a max. power of 110 kW and max. torque of 350 nm. The vehicle can purportedly go from 0-50 km/h in 3.1 seconds. Don’t mistake it for a second, the ZS can move, and do so swiftly. 

In terms of range, it’s claimed that the ZS has a maximum range of 428 km. Even accounting for the reduction of range under real-life usage, that is a fairly generous number, particularly for Nepal.

In terms of charging, the vehicle takes approximately 6.5 hours to fully charge on an AC charger. However, in fast charge mode, it can charge up to 80 percent in 30 minutes. A somewhat underrated aspect of driving around in an EV is the serene silence inside the cabin, particularly if the insulation is good, as it certainly is on the ZS. It’s calm and relaxing and demands that you take the car out on long drives. 

Pricing and Conclusion
The MG ZS EV is priced at Rs 49,99,000. And for all that it offers – elegant exterior, comfortable interior, commendable performance and an all-around compelling package, potential buyers who are in the market for an SUV with a difference are likely to feel contented with their purchase. 

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