Under the Tuscan Sun at Rox Restaurant

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Under the Tuscan Sun at Rox Restaurant

Italian cuisine is among the most recognised and loved cuisines all over the world. However, despite its popularity, there is a relatively limited selection of restaurants dedicated to serving Italian cuisine in Kathmandu.
Rox Restaurant at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, has been serving Italian cuisine for a long time to foodies in Kathmandu. And, on March 28, the restaurant added new dishes to its à la carte menu, to serve the best of Western and Continental Italian cuisines. On the occasion of the launch, Rox Restaurant invited New Business Age to taste samples for a review. 
The ambience of the restaurant was terrific with space indoors and outdoors for dining. The kitchen was open so that the diners could see the dishes prepared by the chef.
They put several dishes on our table. To start with, the chef put Salmone Fatto in Casa con Salmone, Salsa di Zucchine al Miele in front of us. The dish was grilled homemade cured salmon served with zucchini, and honey dressing, an excellent choice for diners who want to enjoy a light meal. As the salmon is finely cut into thin slices and is prepared with light ingredients, customers can enjoy an authentic salmon dish. Then, we were served Insalata di Pollo Caesar, which is a combination of chicken caesar salad, iceberg lettuce, anchovies and garlic croutons. A wine glass finely covered the dish before it was served. The meal was amazingly decorated, and it was also on the lighter side.
Then, came the Tagliatelle Fresca con Ricotta di Pomodoro Fresco e Basilica. Tagliatelle – a traditional Italian pasta – was served with eggplant fresh tomato ricotta and basil. The chef said, “We have used the herbs grown in the hotel's garden to prepare the pasta.”
In addition, for the main course, the chef served Lamb Chops and Buhari Fish. According to Sous Chef Dhiraj Khadka, the lamb chops are imported from New Zealand. The meat was juicy, and I could feel the potent ingredients in the dish. They served the Lamb Chops with roasted potatoes and lamb sauce. They were so delicious we requested for an additional serving of lamb chops. And, finally came the Buhari Fish, which was served with Puy Lentil Ragout (Gatko Dal). The dish was delightful; the lentil nicely complemented the texture of the fish.
Finally, Zabaione was presented to us as a desert. Zabaione is a mixture of sugar, egg, cream and wine, mixed with seasonal cut fruits. It looked like melted chocolate. It seemed simple, but it was delicious. The taste of the wine perfectly meshed with the sweet taste of the chocolate. We were licking the spoon even after we finished the Zabaione.     
The team at Rox believes that the new menu will be an indulging affair for gastronomic aficionados and will give diners a unique culinary experience.
Rox opens daily from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm.  It is the ideal spot for all occasions from light bites to indulgent dinners. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining options. Moreover, if you are a fan of Italian cuisine, Rox Restaurant is probably the best place in the capital for the cibo delizioso squisito (delicious and exquisite food in Italian)!

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